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Dear reader. Hope your Happy Sunday :)

I really love andika shop table decor items..  This post is included her group gift items.
if you want to check more, please visit to her main store <3

Credit @ GOOSE in Cosmopolitan {Round 17/8}
GOOSE - Crupet single couch
GOOSE - Crupet couch ADULT
GOOSE - Crupet coffee table
GOOSE - Crupet Wall art
GOOSE - Monstera plant

Credit @ Build Works Decor  in Cosmopolitan {Round 17/8}
buildworksdecor ~ Vintage Makeup Small Cabinet

Credit @ SOURCES  in Cosmopolitan {Round 17/8}
KELM pouf by Sources

Credit @ Armonia Decor in Cosmopolitan {Round 17/8}
Armonia Decor [AD] Shelf Maracay
Armonia Decor [AD] Armchair Maracay

Credit @ Refuge
Refuge - Carnegie Lighting Black
Refuge - Carnegie Lighting Gold
Refuge - Autumn Sideboard
Refuge - Autumn Candlestick C
Refuge - Autumn Glass Pumpkin C
Refuge - Autumn Platter
Refuge - Autumn Glass Pumpkin A
Refuge - Autumn Candlestick B
Refuge - Autumn Pedestal Bowl
Refuge - Autumn Candlestick A

Credit @ Aphrodite shop / Heart Homes
<Aphrodite> Christmas Cookies - Board

andika shop table decor @ Group Gift(Join free)
" [Monn Milk Dispenser Set]"
[Monn Milk-almond milk]Dispenser
andika[Plate set-sheep/Black]Decor
andika[Moon Milk-Herb]Dispenser

Kettle : {what next} Kitchenette Tea Kettle (dispenser)
Coffee maker : {what next} Kitchenette Coffee Maker (dispenser)

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