Finding hope


Dear reader. Hope your Tuesday is good!

One of huge event in SL, RFL Home and Garden Expo 2020 is running to the March 4th!
I am so honored to be part of this big event in this year too :)
I really love to meet with new people who i did not to talk without this event.
This is so amazing thing and this would be my treasure in my SL experience.
RLF Home&Garden Expo Official blog :
Shopping guide top :
Exclusive item and Hunt prize picture :

and a lot of entertainment event, and Hunt and raffle and and...
I hope you enjoy shopping and a lot of more in H&G Expo!

I would like to share with you this shops! 
*Thus Magic* -- Hope 5
Spyralle "Spirit Messenger Gacha" -- Hope3 Gacha area
[Harshlands]  -- Hope6
Little 2 Large -- Hope8

Credit @ *Thus Magic* in RLF Home & Garden Expo at Hope5
*Thus Magic* ~PINK Triple Spring Fantasy Tree- COPY-MOD
*Thus Magic* ~BLUE Triple Spring Fantasy Tree- COPY-MOD
*Thus Magic* ~ Lavender Sakura Tree   ROUND - 4Li C&M
*Thus Magic*~ Sakura White_1-Animated
*Thus Magic*~Fantasy Spring Tree

Credit @ Spyralle in RLF Home & Garden Expo at Hope3
Spyralle Spirit Messenger #6 COPY Ultrarare
Spyralle Spirit Messenger #13 COPY Common

Credit @ [Harshlands] in RLF Home&Garden Expo Hope6
[HL] Dancing Elf Statue (Magic Grass)
[Harshlands] Relayer Sapling
[Harshlands] Ancient Sapling - Fantasy

Credit @ Little 2 Large in RLF Home&Garden Expo Hope8
L2L French Quarter Serving Cart
L2L French Quarter Set - Chair, Regular
L2L French Quarter Set - Table, Regular

All items are donation items or Hunt prize.

Enjoy and have fun :)
Thanks for coming to my blog.