New Beginning


Dear reader. Hope your weekday is good so far!

Aphrodite shop / Heart Homes released so romantic wedding items.
I did not show whole style.  you can see the DEMO at main store.

Even if this is not RL, if i could have wedding with my love, that would be beautiful. Would never forget in my life anyway :)
Before took this picture, my bf said yes to take picture together.
but am not sure how he would feeling for it. so i did not ask.
you know girls heart is complicate :D

Credit @ Aphrodite shop / Heart Homes
<Aphrodite> New Beginning . Wedding Ceremony

  • <Aphrodite> New Beginning Ceremony -  Cross Animated Altar
  • <Aphrodite> New Beginning Ceremony - Arch Small
  • <Aphrodite> New Beginning Ceremony - Arch Big 1
  • <Aphrodite> New Beginning Ceremony - Chair Std
  • <Aphrodite> New Beginning Ceremony - Walkway

<Aphrodite> New Beginning . Wedding Reception

  • <Aphrodite> New Beginning Reception -Dining Chair 4
  • <Aphrodite> New Beginning Reception - Dining Chair
  • <Aphrodite> New Beginning Reception -Dining Chair 2
  • <Aphrodite> New Beginning Reception -Dining Chair 1
  • <Aphrodite> New Beginning Reception - Dining Table
  • <Aphrodite> New Beginning Reception - place settin 4
  • <Aphrodite> New Beginning Reception - Deco Tablet 1
  • <Aphrodite> New Beginning Reception - Standing Chandelier

*Wedding Ceremony and Reception comes by Rezzar.
please visit to Aphrodite shop main store and check whole style. 

Credit @ Little branch

Landscape item
Heart - WILDWOOD - Ancient Cherry Tree 2 with Grassy Base by HEART GARDEN
Spring Rock 10 - 2 Li=14x10m by Landscaping by Felix 
Hayabusa Design - Rhododendron Model 3 TS2 by Hayabusa Design

Hope you like this picture.  as i do!
Thanks for coming to my blog.