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Dear reader. Hope your Friday will be great :)

My right eye is getting better. still blur but i will back to RL work from next week :)
and this time i would love to share with you a lot of items from Cosmopolitan and Aphrodite shop!  I hope you like :)

Credit @ GOOSE in Cosmopolitan {Round 21/8}
GOOSE - Victorian mooring dock

Credit @ (Fundati) in Cosmopolitan {Round 21/8}
(Fundati) Pinus Pinaster Pine Tree IV
(Fundati) Pinus Pinaster Pine Tree I
(Fundati) Pinus Pinaster Pine Tree VII
(Fundati) Pinus Pinaster Pine Tree VI
(Fundati) Pinus Pinaster Pine Tree V
(Fundati) Pinus Pinaster Pine Tree III

Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture in Cosmopolitan {Round 21/8}
Alice Arch Fence CHEZ MOI
Alice Privacy Fence CHEZ MOI
Alice Armchair (Adult) CHEZ MOI
Alice Accent Table CHEZ MOI
Roll Cake CHEZ MOI
Double Topiary Ball CHEZ MOI

Credit @ Raindale in Cosmopolitan {Round 21/8}
Raindale - Beaumon teepee (PG)
*Color change by touch

Credit @ {Petite Maison} in Hello Tuesday
{Petite Maison} LED Magnolia Leaf Wreath: Breezy
{Petite Maison} LED Magnolia Leaf Wreath: Fruity

Credit @ Aphrodite shop / Heart Homes
<Heart Homes> Executive - Decorative  Shelf A
<Heart Homes> Executive - Decorative  Art Frames
<Heart Homes> Executive - Decorative  Shelf B
<Heart Homes> Executive - Couple Couch  PG
<Heart Homes> Executive - Rug
<Heart Homes> Executive - Deco Stuff
<Heart Homes> Executive - Couch table

Enjoy and have fun!
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