sweets bits


Dear reader. Hope your weekday will be good than last week!

RFL Home & Garden Expo 2020 is running to the 4th March.
Shopping guide : https://slhomegardenexpo.com/shopping-guide/

my blog work is still slow than before. Still my right eye is not best.
I think it will be continue more 1 week or 10 days.
but i like to work in SL even if slow work. so i will not stop but not so active.
I hope you still my work.

Credit @ Dimi's in RFL in Home&Garden Expo 2020 Hope4
Backdrop : DiMi's - Tuscany (Rez - 120 LI) *Rezzing by Rezzar

Credit @ Little branch

Credit @ GOOSE
GOOSE - Echo chair BROWN
GOOSE - Echo table BROWN
GOOSE - Echo chair GREEN
GOOSE - Echo table GREEN
GOOSE - Lavendel pot light

Credit @Refuge "Sweets Shop Gacha"
1. Refuge - Sweets Shop Counter Pink RARE
5. Refuge - Sweets Shop Ice Cream Machine Pink
8. Refuge - Sweets Shop Cupcake Single Blue
11. Refuge - Sweets Shop Cupcake Box Blue
6. Refuge - Sweets Shop Ice Cream Machine Blue
9. Refuge - Sweets Shop Neon Sign Blue
3. Refuge - Sweets Shop Marquee Sign Pink
13. Refuge - Sweets Shop Sundae A