Tea time


Dear reader. Hope your weekday is good so far :)

My right eye is still not perfect. but i still like to decorate and to blog :)

This blog post is for Cosmopolitan {Round 20/8}.
You can available all items in Cosmopolitan {Round 20/8}. i hope you like them :)

Credit @ GOOSE in Cosmopolitan {Round 20/8}
GOOSE - Hora bed
GOOSE - Hora privacy screen
GOOSE - Hora wall art
GOOSE - Hora standing lamps

Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture in Cosmopolitan {Round 20/8}
Delight Farm Cabinet CHEZ MOI
Rim Basket CHEZ MOI
Roses In Vase CHEZ MOI
Creamer and Holder CHEZ MOI
Coffee Machine CHEZ MOI
Everything for Coffee CHEZ MOI
Bamboo Tea Box CHEZ MOI
Cup Holder Frame CHEZ MOI
I Love Coffee Frame CHEZ MOI

Credit @ Duvet Day furniture in Cosmopolitan {Round 20/8}
"Garden Appartment Gacha"
[DD] Garden Appartment MC RARE
[DD] Garden Appartment Ceiling Lamp MC
[DD] Garden Appartment Chair MC
[DD] Garden Appartment Table MC
[DD] Garden Appartment Curved Sofa MC
[DD] Garden Appartment Circular Rug MC
[DD] Garden Appartment Fountain MC

Credit @ **OLD WORLD** in  Cosmopolitan {Round 20/8}
OW Rustic Blackberry Pie
OW Rustic Raspberry Pie

Credit @ (Luc.) Boutique in  Cosmopolitan {Round 20/8}
(Luc.) Iced Tea [BENTO Server]

Enjoy and have fun!
Thanks for coming to my blog.