The sound of peace


Dear reader. Hope your weekday is good so far :)

Swank wild spring event will close on 30th.

My mood is good than yesterday. I understand what i did.
my behavior was bad for other people. i know i know.
and i joined to his other world. and little by little i could accept that. I just want to stay peace.

Credit @ [HarshLands] in Swank
[Harshlands] Magic Sap Tree

Credit @ Fantasy China in Swank
FCBTS - Mesh Animated Magical Flowers Field

Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture
Nicola Piano (Adult) CHEZ MOI
*Available white color and brown / PG and Adult for each color

landscape : Late Summer Goat Meadow by Simply Shelby
landscape : HPMD* Cliff Hill - green A

Enjoy your fantasy in SL.
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