Dear reader. Hope your weekend is good in any way!

It was rained very very hard but now i can see the blue sky between cloud and cloud.
I hope This pandemic will be close in soon..
All items available in Swank event of current round by Kaerri. Except skybox.
Credit in below!

私は仕事上不特定多数の人と触れ合わないといけないのですが 非常に不安です。

Credit @ Kaerri in Swank Hollywood Glam

  • Lapis Banana Palm
  • Lapis CatTail Oalm
  • Lapis Couch
  • Lapis Coffee Table
  • Lapis Orchids
  • Lapis Gold Side Table
  • Lapis Crown
  • Lapis Armchair White
  • Lapis Armchair Blue
  • Lapis Palm
  • Lapis Banana Palm
  • Lapis CatTail Oalm
  • Lapis Chandelier
  • Lapis Picture
  • Lapis Dolphin

Skybox : the Apartment by Abiss

Simple credit :) Sometimes i like this looking :)

If you still like to go to outside even thought not necessary, please stay home and stay in Secondlife as i do :)

Thanks for coming to my blog.