Little Courtyard


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This time also zoom in Cosmopolitan {Round 24/8} 20th April - 2nd May
You can available all items at there until 2nd May :)
Cosmopolitan {Round 24/8}


Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture in Cosmopolitan {Round 24/8} 20th April - 2nd May
"Applewood Picnic Set "

  • Applewood Picnic Table (Adult) CHEZ MOI
  • Applewood Placemat CHEZ MOI 
  • Applewood Plate Stack CHEZ MOI
  • Applewood Food Basket CHEZ MOI
  • Basket with Bottle Juice CHEZ MOI

Credit @ Code 8 in Cosmopolitan {Round 24/8} 20th April - 2nd May
::Code 8:: Little Courtyard
::Code 8:: Little Courtyard - Statue
::Code 8:: Little Courtyard - Shrub
::Code 8:: Little Courtyard - Young tree 1
::Code 8:: Little Courtyard - Sofa (A)
::Code 8:: Little Courtyard - Table
::Code 8:: Little Courtyard - Single Sitter (A)
::Code 8:: Little Courtyard - Tin Bucket

Plant : LB_FIddleLeafFig{Mesh}*Potted by Little branch

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