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Dear reader. Hope your Wednesday is great :)

Recently i am addicted in other game of phone! OMG!
The name is Age of Z. This is kind of military game and some Zombie.
I did not think i would be in love to like this game. but now i really enjoying that!

so im trying to catch up to blog for SL Always!

Credit @ Myrrine in Cosmopolitan {Round 22/8}
"White Witchy Gacha"
05 White Witchy Gacha - scrolls with items 2
02 White Witchy Gacha - round rug with items RARE
04 White Witchy Gacha - book with items
08 White Witchy Gacha - wall cloth
03 White Witchy Gacha - RA Consciousness

Credit @ YourDreams in Cosmopolitan {Round 22/8}
"{YD} Cute bunnies"
{YD} Cute bunnies - Buyer
{YD} Cute bunnies - Flowery
{YD} Cute bunnies - Passionate
{YD} Cute bunnies - Glutton
{YD} Cute bunnies - Gardener

Credit @ BWD /// Build Works Decor in Cosmopolitan {Round 22/8} 
"Vintage Fake Fireplace"
buildworksdecor ~ Vintage Fake Fireplace
buildworksdecor ~ Candle Bunches White
buildworksdecor ~ Wooden Star
buildworksdecor ~ Laura Minimal Frames

Credit @ The Black Forest Store in Cosmopolitan {Round 22/8}
TBF Berserker

Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture in Cosmopolitan {Round 22/8}
Ilea Vanity CHEZ MOI
*Vanity chair color change by HUD

Rug : [CIRCA] - "Cyprus Oasis" Soft Loop Area Rug - Ivory

Enjoy your Secondlife!
Thanks for coming to my blog.