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Dear reader. Wishes your safe for your health.

I saw the news that some US people saying to open the economic and work.
still Corona is around there and a lot lot of people passed away by Corona.
am not sure they dont know about this virus or they know but they saying so?
They are talking loud without mask. For sure some of people getting sick in that. 
I am very curious that they dont think their health at all?
We have to stop everything because we have to alive.

well.. anyway.. i hope you are not like that.
Wishes we will win that the war against with Corona virus.


Credit @ Killer's Production in Cosmopolitan {Round 24/8} 20th April - 2nd May
"Killer's" Old Wagon Part I

Credit @ SOURCES in Cosmopolitan {Round 24/8} 20th April - 2nd May
MAKENTAKI tree by Sources

Credit @ GOOSE in Cosmopolitan {Round 24/8} 20th April - 2nd May
GOOSE - Campfire corner Adult
GOOSE - Campfire

Tree : *Thus Magic*~ Double Embraced Tree (Marketplace)
Grass : LB_RedElderGrass_Spring{Mesh} by Little branch
Rock : Skye Cliff & Tower Set Tower by Skye on marketpalce

Enjoy your Secondlife!
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