The glory of spring garden


Dear reader. Hope your stay safe and stay home!

Aphrodite shop and Myrrine released beautiful garden items.
Included the beautiful tree in Spring rattan set that was by Haybusa Design. I really love Hayabusa Design's items.
I hope you visit to Cosmopolitan current round and check them.



Credit @ Aphrodite shop / Heart Homes in Cosmopolitan {Round 24/8} 20th April - 2nd May
<Aphrodite> Spring Rattan set PG

  • <Aphrodite> Spring Rattan couple chair PG
  • <Aphrodite> Spring Rattan Table
  • Hayabusa Design - Maple parasol

<Aphrodite> Exquisite display

Credit @ Myrrine in Cosmopolitan {Round 24/8} 20th April - 2nd May
"spring garden gacha "
03 Spring Garden gacha - pergola green RARE
02 Spring Garden gacha - fence
08 Spring Garden gacha - ladders with stuff
05 Spring Garden gacha - tree trunk with flowers
09 Spring Garden gacha - pergola pink RARE

Stone Fireplace (touch on/off flame) by Simply Shelby
Woodland Scene (no unicorns) by Simply Shelby
Tower Ruin 2 (plain) by Simply Shelby
Summer Ruins w/animations by Simply Shelby

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