Dear reader. Hope you stay safe and wear the mask when you go to outside!

Corona Virus is spread to all over the world... and it is serious more than we think at first.
NYC is getting bad more and more and very fast.
People thinking Right now's NYC situation would be same with TOKYO of a bit later..
Because Almost same amount people in Almost same size area. I am so worry.
please keep try to clean washing hands and wear the mask!

I hope Secondlife resident is increasing so we dont get bored!

Credit @ Sway's @ FLF (17th April)
Sway's [Carlin] Vase with Tulip . teardrop / pastels
Sway's [Carlin] Vase with Tulip . globe / metals
Sway's [Carlin] Vase with Tulip . cylinder / pastels
Sway's [Carlin] Vase with Tulips . bottle / pastels

Credit @ Park Place in Swank Hollywood Glam
[Park Place] Haviland White Leather Accent Chair - PG
[Park Place] Haviland White Sofa -  Adult
[Park Place] Bristol Coffee Table - Gray
[Park Place] Soft Neutral Wall Decor
[Park Place] Dark Walnut & Stainless Round Accent Table
[Park Place] Haviland Drapery Set

Credit @ Mirage Treasure Co. in Swank Hollywood Glam
=Mirage= Art Deco Bed - Adult

Credit @  Enchanted Fantasy in Swank Hollywood Glam
The star on wall : You're a Star! ~ Hollywood Star Light ~ Add Your Name

Rug : DD Albeit Wrinkled Ecru Rug by Dreamland Design
Rug : DD Albeit Wrinkled Striped Rug by Dreamland Design

Enjoy and have fun at your Home!
Thanks for coming to my blog.