Brand new shower time of weekday


Dear reader. Hope your Monday is good :)

Have you got a lot of the gift on Cosmopolitan?
I could teleport this morning so i got everything :D
I am going to share with you some home decor gift too in my blog post.
i hope you like and enjoying Cosmopolitan anniversary round :)

個人的には好きなアニメなので照 大好きなシャワーになりそうです。

Credit @ D-LAB in Cosmopolitan 8th Anniversary 4th - 16th May
D-LAB SHOWER2 adult with wall
D-LAB Water heater

Credit @ Architect. in Cosmopolitan 8th Anniversary 4th - 16th May
Architect. Bathroom Dried Phytowall (full, scripted)
Architect. Tiffany Vases (Cosmopolitan Anniversary Gift)

Credit @ Refuge
Refuge - Fairytale Mirror Silver
Refuge - Wish Bucket Red/Gold

Candle : OW Set of candles v3.2 by Old World in Cosmopolitan 8th Anniversary 4th - 16th May
Candle : OW Set of candles v6.2 by Old World in Cosmopolitan 8th Anniversary 4th - 16th May
Ivy : [DDD] Blooming Ivy - E
Ivy : [DDD] Blooming Ivy - C
Soy. Bath Stool & Goods Set
Soy. Rolled Towel [3piece Set]
Soy. Moisture Cream Tube
Soy. Messy Towel
Soy. Wooden Bath Stool

Enjoy your Secondlife as i do :)
Thanks for coming to my blog.