Fairy garden


Dear reader. Hope your great Sunday at your home!

Have you visited to amazing fantasy world at Fantasy Fair?
My dear Sharni 's The looking Glass is there.
I tried to be part of this fair as blogger but i thought it is still not right time for me :)
So i will try next time!
When i visited to The looking Glass area, i had shopping around the shop in same sim.
i hope you like Titans fairy and Roawenwood items! All items in below picture available at Fantasy Fair. 

The Looking GlassがあるSIMだけ散歩しました。
ついつい買い物もしてしまいましたがそれも一緒に載せました。TitansはThe Looking Glassと仲良しみたいなのでついつい妖精買っちゃいました!

Credit @ The Looking Glass in Fantasy Fair 2020
TLG - The Shrine Tree Tapestry Tree RFL
TLG - Lunafae - Fence Double Posts
TLG - Lunafae - Long Hedge
TLG - Lunafae - Bird Bath
TLG - Lunafae - Garden Path Edge 1
TLG - Lunafae - Garden Path Edge 2
TLG - Lunafae - Shrub 1
TLG - Lunafae - Short Hedge
TLG - Lunafae - Arch
TLG - Lunafae - Iron Gates
TLG - Lunafae - Blessing Stone Shining Bright
TLG - Lunafae - Blessing Stone Reflections
TLG - Lunafae - Blessing Stone Beauty and Magic
TLG - Lunafae FF Tree 1
TLG - Lunafae Wheelbarrow Lounger
TLG - Lunafae - Garden Path Edge 3
TLG - Lunafae - Garden Path Edge 4
TLG - Lunafae - Queen Anne's Lace Urn
TLG - Lunafae - Rose Urn
TLG - Lunafae - Hydrangea Urn
TLG - Lunafae - Fountain
TLG - Lunafae FF Tree 2

Fairy : Titans - The Lunafae Fairy - Animesh NPC - AlphaMasked wings by Titans in Fantasy Fair 2020
Fairy : Titans - The Lunafae Fairy - Animesh NPC - AlphaBlending wings by Titans in Fantasy Fair 2020
Grass : {RW} Pools of Ethuil Wild Grasses FROST - Mesh by Roawenwood in Fantasy Fair 2020

Enjoy and have fun and stay safe!
Thanks for coming to my blog.