Victoria Rococo


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Dreamland Design released gorgeous bed gacha set for Gimme Gacha. 
1 Ultra rare / 1 rare and 14 common. 
I hope you get this beautiful bed and if it is adult type it would be more great <3 

Credit @ Dreamland Design in Gimme Gacha Imaginarium (June 1st - 30th)
" Victoria Rococo Gacha Set "
Gacha Has 16 items complete
1 Ultrarare -Bento-Adults
1 Rare- Bento- PG
14 Common

16.DD Victoria Plant Vase
14.DD Victoria Antique Books
15.DD Victoria Metal Lamp
13.DD Victoria Dresser
9.DD Victoria Antique Frame 2
1.DD Victoria Lovers Bed-Adult ULTRARARE
3.DD Victoria Bed Drape
4.DD Victoria Bed Chaise
5.DD Victoria Fringe Rug
11.DD Victoria Antique Frame
7.DD Victoria Bedside Table
8.DD Victoria Golden Lamp
12.DD Victoria Dressing Mirror
DD Tropical Mesh Planter

Hanging plant : tarte. hanging trailing jade plant

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