Simple joy of summer...


Dear reader. Hope your lovely Friday :) 

I would like to share with you Dreamland Design's so summer pool set. 
This pool set is available in Adult & PG , Bento Animations. 
Available Complete set / Pool single Adult , PG / Beach couch Adult , PG and plant set. 
And one more event items for Access by Chez Moi furniture. Access current round close on August 8th. 

Credit @ Dreamland Design in Swank 
"Hanakapiai Pool Complete Set-Adult"
DD Hanakapiai Pool- Adult
DD Boho Beach Sofa -Adult
DD Fan Palm Stone Planter Tan
DD Seaside Blue Inner Tube
DD Seaside Red Inner Tube

DD Tropical Elephant Ears Planter 2
DD Corn Plant Planter
DD Tropical Mesh Planter 1
DD Coastal Teal Pottery Lamp
DD Coastal Teal Pottery Lamp
DD Yellow Striped Coastal Rug
DD Teal Striped Coastal Rug
DD Coral Striped Coastal Rug

Porto Parasol CHEZ MOI
Porto Lounger (Adult) CHEZ MOI

Credit @ Little branch 

<Heart Homes> Paradise Summer Float (PG, No Rotate) 
 Also available at marketplace PG at Marketplace  / Adult at Marketplace

Credit @ Raindale main store coming soon! Renovating right now! Marketplace 
Raindale - Octopouf (adult)
Raindale - Octopouf (G)

Enjoy your Summer in SL! 
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