Summer hideaway


Dear reader. Hope your Friday will be great :)

I know that many of you know that SL love is complicate lol 
while in love and after break up both.... Still i got the message my x-partner's gf..
its so silly and ridiculous. 
but to blog, make me relax from that too. 
I left from some blogger groups. right now I do blog for only designer who trusted me.  

House : DD The Country Atrium 
*Copy-Mod-No trans / 80LI

KAZZA - DesireHideaways
  • KAZZA - DesireHideaways - arc flowers
  • KAZZA - DesireHideaways - bench
  • KAZZA - DesireHideaways - chair 1
  • KAZZA - DesireHideaways - wood floor
  • KAZZA - DesireHideaways - chair
  • KAZZA - DesireHideaways - daise flowers

Palm tree : Hayabusa Design Palm Palmier OPTT Mirai M4-1 HPE Gift
Plant : tarte. saguaro cactus
Garden table : DD Shabby Vintage Garden Table by Dreamland Design main store

Other items from Simply Shelby
  • Outdoor Shower - Adult rated
  • Hummingbird Garden - BlueYellow
  • Tasty Tidbits - Catnip Cat natural
  • Woodland Patio Chair green
  • Woodland Patio Table
  • Woodland Patio Chair blue
  • Summer Ruins w/animations
  • Summer Archway - Yellow
  • Archway Walkway - Yellow
  • Summer Landscape part 1

Enjoy your weekend in Secondlife :)
Thanks for coming to my blog.