Caresses by summer's soft breeze..


Dear reader. Hope your weekday will be great more than last week :)

I feel that this year is changing year as blogger.  
Right now i have not involved any Event. All of are i left from myself. 
Not they banned me but i left. i was going to use my time as my time in SL too. 
but i noticed i love so much to work as blogger :D  

Credit @ Sway's
Sway's [Ahoy!] Beach Hut
Sway's [Kalea] Cabinet . bold
Sway's [Kalea] Table Lamp . bold
Sway's [Kalea] Chair . pastel / moss
Sway's [Kalea] Chair . pattern / yellow
Sway's [Naolin] Beach Umbrella . Orange
Sway's [Sandia] Beach Bag
Sway's [Naolin] Beach Towel flat . Watermelon
Sway's [Naolin] Beach Towel flat . Kiwi
Sway's [Ruel] Boardwalk . aged . bend

Credit @ Little branch

Landscape item
(Fundati) Cliff #1 by Fundati
Skye Beach 1 by Skye

Enjoy your summer in SL! 
Thanks for coming to my blog.