Beach relaxation


Dear reader. Hope your lovely Tuesday :)

Cosmopolitan current round will close on 11th and Today is Tuesday!
Its Hello Tuesday <3
and this is Cosmopolitan shopping catalog 

"Killer's" Nowhere River Raft (PG) (5 Li)
"Killer's" Nowhere Raft Light

NISWA sand hole by Sources
NOCHAGE dot beach chair by Sources
NOCHAGE white beach chair by Sources
NOCHAGE triangle beach chair by Sources
NOCHAGE pink beach chair by Sources

Tree : Pine tree Big
Tree : Pine  Tree Medium

Beach relax - turquoise
Beach relax- brown

Landscape item
OFF SIM - Rocky Outcrop -GM- Group-S1 - C/M by Heart Garden
Skye Tropical Beach  Curve 64m by Skye
p8 4 + 2 palms set copy version

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