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I tried to put the avatar on my decoration picture.
It is kind of fun for me that put together with avatar and avatar's animation.
They looks like really dictating :) I really love this blogging way :)

I know many of you know this library set and office desk by Dutchie.
Desk color change by Menu after you sit. 

Credit @ Dutchie
Dutchie mid century desk PG (Marketplace)
Dutchie Black Eyed Susans (Marketplace)
Dutchie Persian rug (Marketplace)
Dutchie Library set in Marketplace
Dutchie library slim part 1
Dutchie library slim part 2
Dutchie library wide part 2
Dutchie library slim part 3
Dutchie library wide part 1
Dutchie library wide part 3
Dutchie standing library lamp (Marketplace)

Credit @ Dreamland Design
DD Felled Country Couch -Adult
DD Venice Picture Art
DD Golden Giraffe Lamp
DD Quirky Drawers

Credit @ Little branch
Pot plant : LB_PottedPalm.v2{Cyan}

Room decor : [CIRCA] - "Island Discoveries" Tall Table & Terrarium - Med

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