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Blogger working sheet's format has changed so still i am not good fix on it... 

Credit @ Sway's in Gimme Gacha Garden

"[Reku] Glamping Gacha"

Sway's [Reku] Tent SOI *Color change by Touch

Sway's [Reku] Stairs

Sway's [Reku] Floor

Sway's [Reku] Chair

Sway's [Reku] Table

Sway's [Reku] Lantern

Sway's [Reku] Rug round

Sway's [Reku] Floor cushion

Sway's [Reku] Bed

Sway's [Reku] Rug with fringes

Credit @ Raindale in World Wide Tourists Hunt 

Raindale - Lostburgh suitcase (touch handlle for texture change menu) @ 25L$ prize

Hint : You can extend handle by going to build mode (Ctrl+B), check edit linked - and move handle up or down with arrows

Credit @ Little branch


LB_BeachSand-v1{Low Li}




mat : Sway's [Naolin] Beach Towel edge . Watermelon by Sway's main store

mat : Sway's [Naolin] Beach Towel edge . Fruity // scripted  by Sway's main store

I hope you enjoy WWThunt. I already got some items :) 

and today i find the reference setting for rendering of light. always when i talking the picture, the light was bright so much. but i am happy it will not so :) 

Enjoy and have fun :)

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