Tropical Hideaway


Dear reader. Hope your have wonderful Shopping Friday :)

Swank Around the world event will close on 30th.
i would love to share with you Dreamland Design "Lovers Hideway"

I bought :Fanatik beach cliff items.
:Fanatik 's items are a bit expensive BUT they are really really cool I really love them.
I have Landscape and city road items.
If i have a chance to have other items (House and garden item and etc) . i would love to share in my social network.

Credit @ Dreamland Design in Swank
"DD Lovers Hideaway Hut"
DD Lovers Hideaway Hut-Adult
DD Lovers Hideaway Cascade
DD Walking Sea Gull

Credit @ [CIRCA]living in Swank
[CIRCA] - "Tropical Bay" Narrow Palm & Plant Mix A
[CIRCA] - "Tropical Bay" Banana Tree1 - Bird of Paradise (red)
[CIRCA] - "Tropical Bay" Tall Palm Basket Planter - Lt Brown
[CIRCA] - "Tropical Bay" Pinapple Plant Mix A - Duo
[CIRCA] - "Tropical Bay" Smooth Rock Trio - Sage Lichen (S)
[CIRCA] - "Tropical Bay" Smooth Rock A - Sage Lichen (S)
[CIRCA] - "Tropical Bay" Smooth Rock B - Sage Lichen (S)

Credit @ Dreamland Design main store
DD Kaanapali Beach Poles Decor
DD Old Rusty Ship Weights Decor
DD Kaanapali Beach Blanket-Adult 1

Landscape items by :Fanatik
:Fanatik Architecture: BEACH ROCKS Cliff 1B
:Fanatik Architecture: BEACH ROCKS Barrier Linear
:Fanatik Architecture: BEACH ROCKS Barrier Concave
:Fanatik Architecture: BEACH ROCKS Cliff 2A

Palm tree : LB_LipstickPalm.v1{Animated} by Little branch
Grass : LB_Snakeweed{Animated}*Summer-A  by Little branch

Enjoy and have fun :)
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