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Dear reader. Hope your lovely Tuesday :)

Blogger's format changed officially. so i have to get used to like before format. 
I hope it will be not so hard :)

Aphrodite shop released so pretty table dishes for Access 60L weekend sale. 
A bit late but just wanted to tell you you can get this weekend sale price :)
but am not sure when it will close so please hurry! 

Credit @ Aphrodite shop / Heart Homes
"<Aphrodite> Thanskgiving table dishes part 1"
60L <Aphrodite> Spiced Cider Pitcher
60L <Aphrodite> Coconut curry butternut squash soup
60L<Aphrodite> Shepherd's Pie with Lamb
60L <Aphrodite> Pecan Pie
60L <Aphrodite> Broccoli & Cauliflower Gratin
60L <Aphrodite> Pumpkin Pie

big plate : <Aphrodite> Big family breakfast board

vase flower : {what next} Terrace Flowers Vase (grey)
Vase flower : {what next} Terrace Flowers Vase (plain)

stand clock : [CYN] Whimsical Little Clock A  [final] @ Stay At Home Club Giftie by Demimonde
Plant : [CYN] Modern Upright Planter w/Plant [final] @ Stay At Home Club Giftie by Demimonde

Enjoy your Secondlife! and happy shopping. 
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