Warm day...


Dear reader. Hope your Monday is good! :)

I hope this blog post is in time that i blogged. Uber and Wanderlust with Little branch.  
and I would like to share with you that main store released items too. 
Specially water falls and river with Red house. I really wanted to make the picture with them. 

Credit @ Little branch in Uber (Current round close soon!)
Tree : LB_CypressOak.v1{Animated}4Seasons
Grass : LB_CypressOak*Weed*Fall

Credit @ Little branch in Wanderlust 
LB_PinkFlowers3{Rounded-Field}  (Only 50L)

Credit @ Hisa
House : Hisa - Hus Pa Landet

Credit @ :Fanatik
water fall : :Fanatik Architecture: WATERFALL
river : :Fanatik Architecture: RIVER BED Turn R
river : :Fanatik Architecture: RIVER BED Straight
cliff : :Fanatik Architecture: CLIFF COVER Island E 1024
Cliff : :Fanatik Architecture: CLIFF COVER Island B 1024

Credit @ Sway's
Sway's [Edan] Stone Seat
Sway's [Edan] Stone Firepit
Sway's [Edan] Stone Seat with Pillows

Enjoy and have fun your shopping!
Thanks for coming to my blog.