Fortune Teller


Dear reader. Hope your Sunday is / was / will great! 

Maybe this is a bit late blogging. but i would love to share with you Dreamland Design 's item and Aphrodite shop items. 
Already Halloween passed away but I still like this scenery :)
If Dreamland Design's items are not main store yet, it will come soon! 

Credit @ Dreamland Design 
"Gypsy Fortune Teller"
  • DD Old Antique Draped Mirror
  • DD Old Victorian Sideboard
  • DD Old Silver Candelabra
  • DD Purple Brocade Double Lamp
  • DD Gypsy Art Frame
  • DD Fortune Teller Table
  • DD Fortune Teller Chair
  • DD Crystal Ball 
  • DD Old Silver Candelabra
  • DD Fortune Teller Book Decor
  • DD Antique Teal Area Rug
  • DD Antique Purple Area Rug

<Aphrodite> Witchy bitchy tiered tray

Enjoy and have fun :)
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