Christmas warmth


Dear reader. Hope your weekday is good so far :) 
Weekend will come soon ..... ♥

Christmas season almost here. How will you stay in this years Christmas?
Sadly I understand many of you having alot of not good reason by Corona :( 
but I hope that at least when you were in Secondlife, that time would be good time for you. 

Credit @ Dreamland Design in Girls heaven Event  December
DD Country Plaids Draped Chair-Adult
DD Red Oil Lantern
DD Christmas Blanket Stack
*Available in Adult & PG
*Material Enabled 
*Copy-Mod-No Trans

Credit @ Little branch in TMD
Pot tree : LB_DracaenaMilkiway{Potted}A
Pot tree : LB_DracaenaMilkiway{Potted}C

<Aphrodite> Mulled Wine & Cheeses cart - PG
  • <Aphrodite> Mulled Wine & Cheeses cart - PG
  • <Aphrodite> Mulled Wine pot
  • <Aphrodite> Mulled Wine dispenser
  • <Aphrodite> Mulled Wine deco frame optional
  • <Aphrodite> Mulled Wine bottle
  • <Aphrodite> Mulled Wine bottle 2
  • <Aphrodite> Mulled Wine pot with heating stand
  • <Aphrodite> Cambembert cheese & toasts dispenser
  • <Aphrodite> Mulled Wine deco glass
Credit @ GOOSE
GOOSE - fireplace
GOOSE - cone tree
GOOSE - candles group
GOOSE - star deco

CHEZ MOI Inflatable Singing Reindeer

Planter : Holly Jolly Planter blue by Simply Shelby
Christmas tree : Cosmos  Christmas Tree in a Sack 2 MESH by Cosmos Boutique
Rug : Red Tartan Cuddle Rug ***PG Created by Aqua (aqua.willowind)
Rug : [CIRCA] - Pattern Closet Rug with Trim - Black Striped

Enjoy Christmas season in SL :) 
Thanks for coming to my blog!