Very winter time


Dear reader.  Wishes you staying safe from Corona. 

If you lost something and if you have hard work right now, That will not continue forever.
I know it is not easy, we need a lot of patient. But we can have HOPE. and we can work for our dream.  
if you can not hold the falling tears, i am here for you. 
Even thought i can not solve your problem, you can talk to me anytime you want and what ever you want. 
I just wish your negative feeling would get better even if that is only just a moment, it is my pleasure for you.

When i am in Secondlife, i can do anything i want to. Secondlife is very nice refresh for me. 
I hope you also :)

Credit @ HIDEKI in Equal10
"Wintertime Gacha"
HIDEKI - Old quarters building RARE
(The items of inside the buidling)
HIDEKI - Chimney
HIDEKI - Colins working posters
HIDEKI - Coat rack & briefcase
HIDEKI - Colins working desk 
HIDEKI - Colins working chair
HIDEKI - Anniks Joy Division Desk
HIDEKI - Anniks Joy Division chair
HIDEKI - Anniks Joy Division posters
HIDEKI - Warm bed
HIDEKI - White sofa

HIDEKI - Love will tear us apart
HIDEKI - Old van
HIDEKI - Corner cupboard with decor
HIDEKI - Armchair, plant & carpet
HIDEKI - Fat cat with pie sitti
HIDEKI - Snowed pine
HIDEKI - Snowed picnic corner
HIDEKI - Xmas mug
HIDEKI - Buddhist Tibetan bowl & pendulum
HIDEKI - Bonsai with elf and fairy of the forest

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Winter Mini Forest w/lights by Simply Shelby
Grass : LB_CrispyGrass{Animated}*Seasons by Little branch
Snow : HISA - Snow Pile 1 by HISA
Rock : :Fanatik Architecture: Lofoten E by Fanatik
Rock : :Fanatik Architecture: Lofoten B by Fanatik

Please enjoy as much as possible this season if you can! 
Thanks for coming to my blog.