Brick attic


Dear reader. Wishes you stay home and enjoy Secondlife :)

Every day, New record coming up who get sick by Corona. 
But I like stay home even if there is not Corona around there :D
I hope you dont get bored this situation in RL.   

Credit @ GOOSE in Cosmopolitan (running Jan 11 to Jan 23th)
GOOSE - Obelisk BLACK small
GOOSE - Obelisk with lights BLACK big
GOOSE - Obelisk WHITE big
GOOSE - Obelisk with lights WHITE small

Credit @ GOOSE
GOOSE - barrel sofa B
GOOSE - barrel table
GOOSE - barrel sofa B

Credit @ Sway's
Sway's [Odin] Fake Fireplace
Sway's [Odin] Frame Shelf

<Aphrodite> Xmas Hot choco & marshmallows tray

Room decor 
Book : Apple Fall Books - Arrangement 7
bar : Apple Fall Masculine Bar
Plant : Scarlet Creative Nerites Plant in a Cage MC

Enjoy your Secondlife! 
Thanks for coming to my blog.