Bright snow whispering


Dear reader. Hope your weekday is still good anyway :)

Right now my blogging motivation is up up up! Yay! 
This time blogging items are not relative with any event. 
All items are not most recent items but they still very winter so please visit to main store! 

Credit @ Hisa 
Cottage : HISA - Wanderlust Cottage - Snow

Tree : LB_DouglasFirTree{Animated}*4Seasons
Grass : LB_CrispyGrass{Animated}*Seasons*Soft

Credit @ GOOSE
"winter camp"
GOOSE - Lightstring
GOOSE - decorated fence
GOOSE - Campfire
GOOSE - Couple bench ADULT
GOOSE - Tree log/pillow grey sit
GOOSE - Pile of wood
GOOSE - Tree log/pillow white sit

<Aphrodite> Snowmen wooden deco 1 (family)
<Aphrodite> Snowmen wooden deco 2
<Aphrodite> Snowmen wooden deco 3

Landscape item 
Rock by Fundati  group gift (Fee to join 99L)
(Fundati) Snowy rock 3
(Fundati) Snowy rock 1
(Fundati) Snowy rock 5
(Fundati) Snowy rock 6
*This is gorgeous gift! 

Enjoy winter season in SL!
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