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Dear reader. Hope your weekday is good so far :)

Raindale Turning to 5th! Right now Raindale having special 5L hunt. 
Items are hidden on ground level on main store. Hunt is running to the 31th January. 
There are free Anniversary gifts near landing point! 
Group is free to join only till Jan,31, I'll bring back small fee after that. 
Also, Raindale bringing the outlet area. 
All gachas in the outlet are 25L$ per play, buildings are 150-399L$ and everything else is 25-150L$!

I would like to show some Hunt items in below picture. 
Detail is her flicker -> https://flic.kr/p/2kuP26F

Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture in Tres Chic (End Date: Feb 10th)
"Quinn Kitchen"
CHEZ MOI Quinn Kitchen (Adult) *Design change by HUD
CHEZ MOI Quinn Kitchen Shelf
CHEZ MOI Quinn Spice Rack
CHEZ MOI Quinn Cutting Board Set
CHEZ MOI Cutting Board Holder
CHEZ MOI Quinn Tablet Holder
CHEZ MOI Quinn Stool (Right)
CHEZ MOI Quinn Stool (Left)
CHEZ MOI Quinn Wood Spoon Set

Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture in Shiny Shabby (End Date: February 16th)
" Fondue Romantic Set"
CHEZ MOI Fondue Romantic Set (Adult) 
*Design change by HUD
*Table dishes comes by touch 

Credit @ Raindale 
Raindale - Ashthorne shelf (moon) - hunt edition @ Hunt item
Raindale - Maywin lantern - hunt edition (green) @ Hunt item
Raindale - Lanmour curtains - hunt edition (green) @ Hunt item
Raindale 5th Anniversary gifts - piece of cake
Raindale 5th Anniversary gifts - candles
Raindale 5th Anniversary gifts - cup of tea
Raindale 5th Anniversary gifts - macarons
Raindale 5th Anniversary gifts - cake
Raindale 5th Anniversary gifts - vase
*Anniversary gift is showing on 2nd picture

Other decor item
Mithral * Branch Wall Display (White Ceramic)
Mithral * Philodendron Billietiae (White Pot)
KraftWork Moon & Stars Hanging Decor
(RVi) Guinness Beer Dispenser Tray (Mesh)
[ kunst ] - Don Perdigon bucket / silver

Enjoy and happy shopping!
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