Weekend off


Dear reader. Hope your Saturday is great :)

Weekend coming. and this weekend also very busy my working. 
im happy i didnt get nap by tired ... because more feel lazy after got up from nap. 

Credit @ Dreamland Design in Gimme Gacha Event (Ends: 28th Of Feb)
"Traemore Living Room"
14.DD Traemore Curtain
11.DD Traemore Picture Frame
1.DD Traemore Couch-Adult ULTRARARE
9.DD Traemore Fireplace
8.DD Traemore Olive Tree Plant
13.DD Traemore Candle M
12.DD Traemore Candle L
10.DD Traemore Lamp
5.DD Traemore Living Room Rug
6.DD Traemore Living Room Table
15.DD Traemore Zebra Plant

Credit @ Simply Shelby
Amor Rose  Vase - Lavender copy
Amor Rose  Vase - Peach Melba copy
Amor Rose  Vase - Cream & Pink copy

"Golden Bedroom"
CHEZ MOI Golden Vanity
CHEZ MOI Golden Jewelry Holder
CHEZ MOI Golden Bed (Adult) *Bed design change by HUD
CHEZ MOI Fancy Bench
CHEZ MOI Golden Side Table
CHEZ MOI Golden Watch
CHEZ MOI Golden Jewelry Organizer

House : Scarlet Creative Trinity Cabin 0.2