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Dear reader. Hop your good weekday :)

Finally Dutchie released new outdoor shower on Fameshed March round. 
Looking So very nice with previous released hot tub :D Dutchie's items information in credit list.  

Credit @ Dutchie
Outdoor Shower : Dutchie outdoor shower Adult @ Fameshed (End date : March 27th) *All info -> HERE
Bath : Dutchie hot tub Adult *All info -> HERE
Shelves : Dutchie industrial etagere with towels and soap * All info -> HERE
Bathrobe : Dutchie bathrobe white *All info -> HERE
bathroom decor : Dutchie bowl with soap *All info -> HERE
Candle info ->HERE
  Dutchie candle 2
  Dutchie candle 1
  Dutchie candle 3

Credit @ Hisa in Uber Hometown (End date : March 16th) 
Cottage : HISA - Potter's Cottage LOD4
Hanging Vine 
HISA - Hanging vines 1
HISA - Hanging vines 2
HISA - Hanging vines 5
HISA - Hanging vines 4

Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture in The Arcade (End date : March 31th) 
"Terra Patio Set Gacha"
CHEZ MOI Terra Hanging Bench
CHEZ MOI Sleepy Puppy
CHEZ MOI Plant Vase 1
CHEZ MOI Sleepy Kitty
CHEZ MOI Plant Vase 3
CHEZ MOI Terra Couch
CHEZ MOI Plant Vase 2

Credit @ Little branch
Tree : LB_ScotspineTree.v2{Animated}*4Seasons
Grass : LB_Snakeweed{Animated}

Lamp : Acorn Lamp gold summer/spring by Simply Shelby

Enjoy and have fun :) 
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