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Dear reader. Hope your weekday is good so far :)

How are you doing in your spring time? :) 
I have hay fever. Spring time is always running nose so bad and itchy eyelid >.< 
but i really love the spring time. Amazing Cherry blooming and blooming grass flower is very pretty. 

Credit @ Dreamland Design in Uber Hometown event (End date : April 16th)
DD Old Shabby Caravan

<Heart Homes> Romantic Shabby Jacuzzi PG-Duo

" Cecil Laundry Set"
CHEZ MOI Cecil Clotheline (Adult)
CHEZ MOI Cecil Washtub

Credit @ Little branch

Credit @ GOOSE
GOOSE - Rattan Love seat (white - grey) ADULT

Pathway : [DDD] Moorside Pathway - Short by Dysfunctionality

Enjoy and have fun :)
Thank you so much for coming to my blog.