Tasty spring


Dear reader. Hope your weekday is still good anyway :) 

The Liaison Collaborative is running to the April 10th! 
Please check the awesome designer's creation! 

Credit @ B-Made in The Liaison Collaborative
B-Made Pizza Kiosk

A.V. Shell Fountain

BTW - Hippity Hopper Sign Post
BTW - Garden Gnome (Feds)
BTW - Garden Gnome (Thief)

SR Birdhouse - Flowers with Texture Changer
SR Curved Adirondack Chair (PG)

22769 - Old Garden Bench
22769 - Fairy Garden

Dark Secrets - Light Pergola - White
Dark Secrets - Stepping Stone - Dark Grey
Dark Secrets - Stepping Stone - Black

Tree : Heart - WILDWOOD - Ancient Cherry Tree 3 with Grassy Base by Heart Garden
Tree : Heart - WILDWOOD - Ancient Cherry Tree 2 with Grassy Base by Heart Garden

Enjoy Spring season in SL and in RL! 
Thank you so much for coming to my blog.