Fairy garden


Dear reader. Hope you have great weekday and will come lovely weekday :)

I was too exciting to blog last time. I did big mistake for Fantasy Faire2021. so I tried not to think about Fantasy Faire. 
But i remember that I have responsible to blog for the event as much i can (even thought she did not say like that) . 
and still i love it. So im back to Fantasy Faire to blog and to share that stunning designer created items. 

Fantasy Faire 2021 official website : https://fantasyfairesl.wordpress.com/
Running to the May 9th! 
Please visit to your favorite shop or i hope you find your favorite shop by your landscaping of beautiful Fairelands. 

Medieval Crystal Fountain (touch resize)
Mystical Moon Stone - blue
Mystical Moon Stone - purple

SR Fantasy Lantern Double Roses
SR Fantasy Lantern Mirror
SR Fantasy Lantern
SR Fantasy Lantern Mirror Double Roses
SR Mystical Spiral Lights *Light Design change by touch 

*Thus Magic*~Fantasy Spring Tree
*Thus Magic*~Fantasy BIrd Tree Spring/Summer/Evergreen
*Thus Magic*~Mesh Rose bush BLUE_2 w shadow
*Thus Magic*~Mesh Rose bush PINK_2 w shadow

Grass Flower by Simply Shelby
Peace Wildflowers - pink mix (plain)
Peace Wildflowers - purple/yellow mix (plain)
Peace Wildflowers - blue/orange (plain)

Shrub :  .Lunaria. Season Changing Shrub
Grass : .Lunaria. Blue Iris Field

I really hope Fantasy Faire 2021 will be big success and i dont mind if i wont be part of this. 
but i was really proud to be part of this event of this year. 

Enjoy your time! 
Thank you so much for coming to my blog.