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Dear reader. Hope you had lovely weekend 💓

Credit @ 22769 in TLC The Liaison Collaborative (End date : June 10th)
22769 - Clothing Line
22769 - Washing Trough

" Clearwood full set"
Raindale - Clearwood parasol (pink)
Raindale - Clearwood chair
Raindale - Clearwood table
Please check all items of Raindale flicker -> HERE 

Credit @ [SHIFUKU] in Evolve (To get Evolve HUD is HERE)
[SHIFUKU]Boom box succulents (RED)

DD Herbal Garden Standing Planter
DD Bora Beach Lounger-Adult
DD Gardeners Decor Mailbox
DD Bora Beach Bag

Credit @ Little branch

House : Scarlet Creative Aime Tiny Carriage House
wall : TLG - Moroccan Wall Straight 
Cliff : Skye Cliff & Tower Set Cliff 2  
Cliff : Skye Cliff & Tower Set Outcrop 1

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