Wood table dining


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Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture
"Capri Dining Set"
CHEZ MOI Capri Dining Table (Adult)
CHEZ MOI Capri Chair 2
CHEZ MOI Capri Chair
CHEZ MOI Capri Placemat
CHEZ MOI Set Flower Glass Vases 

Kitchen set by unKindness
uK - Ade's Kitchen Blue Dble Window Corner Cabinet
uK - Ade's Kitchen Stove
uK - Ade's Kitchen Blue Single Drawer Counter
uK - Ade's Kitchen Blue Dble Sink Counter
uK - Ade's Kitchen Fridge
uK - Ade's Kitchen Stove Hood

Curtain : {anc} sheer mix curtain 2Li (gray)
wall art : [CIRCA] - Holiday Chalk Art - Buttercream Frosting Recipe (fb)
Topiary : Fantasy Topiary  A blue by Simply Shelby
Building : Scarlet Creative Amalfi Gazebo

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