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Credit @ Raindale in The Arcade Gacha (June 1 - 30th)
"Somerstory gacha "
Rare - Raindale - Somerstory pavillion CM
Raindale - Somerstory lantern with stand CM
Raindale - Somerstory pool 2 CM
Raindale - Somerstory vase (brown) CM
Raindale - Somerstory vase (black) CM
Raindale - Somerstory fountain CM

Credit @ Little branch 
Tree : LB_NorwaySpruceTree{Animated}*4Seasons

Fem : Sway's [Osmunda] Fern . D dark by Sway's
wall : [HL] Graveyard Wall (open - regular)

Landscape item by :Fanatik Architecture
:Fanatik Architecture: Lofoten C
:Fanatik Architecture: SKELLIG Mountain

Pathway by {moss&mink}
{moss&mink} Valerie Pathways - Staircase
{moss&mink} Valerie Pathways - 4 Junction
{moss&mink} Valerie Pathways - Short
{moss&mink} Valerie Pathways - Corner
{moss&mink} Valerie Pathways - Long

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