Good habit


Dear reader. Hope your Sunday is good than last Sunday :)

Dutchie released new chair for Fameshed. Current round is running to the 27th July. 
It comes PG type and Adult for Male Dom type. 
All information about this chair is in Official blog : 
It is really elegant and it is so Dutchie 💓
and TLC The Liaison Collaborative current round close on 10th. please stop by 😁

Credit @ Dutchie in Fameshed
Chair : Dutchie PG leather tub chair

Credit @ Pitaya in TLC The Liaison Collaborative (End date : July 10th)
Pitaya - Printed Vases - Daisies (flowers)
Pitaya - Printed Vases - Leaves small (flowers)
Pitaya - Printed Vases  - Leaves and Flowers (flowers)
Pitaya - Printed Vases - Leaves big (flowers)

Hanging flower pot : Ariskea[melody] Cute fairy string .1
Hanging flower pot : Ariskea[melody] Cute fairy string .2

Cat : JIAN Ragdoll Cat Collection :: Wanderer (Rez me!)
Other decoration items and house by Scarlet Creative
Scarlet Creative St Germain Sack Plant
Scarlet Creative Campbell Candles MC
Scarlet Creative Monteverde Curtain - White
Scarlet Creative St Gemain Loft

Enjoy your Secondife and have fun :)
Thank you so much for coming to my blog.