Sweet dinner


Dear reader. Hope you having great weekday :)

I would like to share with you some of Japanese table set and sushi board by Aphrodite shop. 
And some of other Japanese dinner decoration items too! 

Credit @ Aphrodite  shop / Heart Homes 
<Heart Homes> Nippon Sushi Boat
"Nippon Sushi Table with Deco "
  • <Heart Homes> Nippon Sushi Table
  • <Heart Homes> Nippon Sushi Set
  • <Heart Homes> Nippon Soy Sauce (deco)
  • <Heart Homes> Nippon Wine Bottle
  • <Heart Homes> Nippon Sake Bottle
  • <Heart Homes> Nippon Sushi Chair (B)
Other decor items 
[[RH]]  -Kuruwa- Kimono Rack A
[Park Place] Asian Ebony Wall Mirror and Table
[Park Place] 4-Globe Table Lamp - Gold
[Park Place] Asian Vases
[[RH]] Kakejiku (Sazae) @ Free gift 
[MB] Komodaru  Sake Server (touch)
* nonino * Japanese Lantern / Spring (Shop closed )
-[ Zacca ]- igusa 3m*4m (shop closed)
[[RH]] Wagasa Lamp -SUMI- (nami)
13)Air_Flower Lantern_Water lily white_TM
9)Air_Flower Lantern_Cherry Blossom blue_TM
15)Air_Flower Lantern_Water lily mauve_TM
8)Air_Flower Lantern_Cherry Blossom pink_TM

House : * M^2 * "Kuroi iroai no ie" - Japanese Town House

[[RH]] and [MB] main store -> Main store 
[Park Place] main store - > Main store
AIR main Store -> Main store

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