Fortune Teller said...


Dear reader. Hope your weekday will be great :)

I would like to share with you Sway's and Dreamland Design's Shop&Hope event items. 
Halloween season spooky and fun season is here :)

DD Skeleton Playing Piano
DD Welcome To My Grave
DD The Evil Reaper
DD Spooky Welcome Skeleton
DD Skeleton Spa Retreat

Credit @ Sway's  
Sway's [Fortune Teller] Tent
Sway's [Fortune Teller] Chair
Sway's [Fortune Teller] Stool
Sway's [Fortune Teller] Antique Book
Sway's [Fortune Teller] Crystal Ball
Sway's [Fortune Teller] Candles
Sway's [Fortune Teller] Tarot Cards
Sway's [Fortune Teller] Bunting

Credit @ Little branch

Enjoy and have fun :)
thank you so much for coming to my blog.