Dear reader. Hope your weekday is great days <3

There is some big events on winter time. Christmas and New Year and they are so beautiful. 
Really love the season in SL and in RL both. and they make me exiciting so much ♡

Credit @ Dreamland Design in SOS (23-26th November)
DD Snowy Forest Scene
DD Snowy Frozen Bridge

Credit @ Sway's
Sway's [Broc] Cobblestone Path - cross . snowy
Sway's [Broc] Cobblestone Path - trail . snowy

Credit @ Little branch

Credit @ Trompe Loeil
Trompe Loeil - Shibusa Modern Ranch
Trompe Loeil - Snow Add-On for the Shibusa Modern Ranch

Snow : Snow Formations  from Studio Skye .

Thank you so much for visiting to my blog. 
Enjoy the winter !!