Sakura drops

Dear reader. Hope you have great weekend 💓

Konoha released new tree "Prunus lanie" for NEO-Japan. 
You can change a lot of color specially "pink" is beautiful in this season 😘
It has 3 shape tree in the pack. please check the demo at event area. 

Credit @ Konoha in NEO JAPAN (Current round close on 14th April)
Konoha - Prunus lanie - 3rd, Park Set

Credit @ GOOSE in Cosmopolitan (Current round close on 30th March)
GOOSE - Tivoli Terras Set
    GOOSE - Tivoli Fireplace
    GOOSE - Tivoli bench Adult
    GOOSE - Tivoli terras bench w/blanket ADULT
    GOOSE - Tivoli Table
    GOOSE - Tivoli Lamp

Privacy Fence + Rabbits in Love (Detail in official blog)
 Rabbits in Love @ Main store or Marketplace
 Tulip Wreath @ Main store or Marketplace (Detail in Official Blog)
Timber Outdoor Shower @ Main store or Marketplace
Credit @ Simply Shelby
Mossy Easter Bunny Planter Set 
 Mossy Potted Easter Bunny-Tangled w texture change
 Mossy Potted Easter Bunny- Carrots

Credit @ Konoha
Konoha - Snowdrops - Galanthus

Enjoy the spring in Secondlife!
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