Sweet tempting corner


Dear reader.

Coming end of the month soon of February. feel very very fast the time goes by.
I hope your good March will come to you. and for me too!

Credit @ Aphrodite shop in Swank February
<HEART HOMES> "Mr Greys Couch" V1.0d
<HEART HOMES> "Mr Greys Deco"
<HEART HOMES> "Mr Greys Mirror"
Mr Greys Lamp
<HEART HOMES> "Mr Greys Armoire" With Animation
<Heart Homes> Masters Chair 1.0A
<HEART HOMES> "Mr Greys Rug"
<HEART HOMES>"Mr Greys Bed" v1.1d

Credit @ Sway's in Whimsical (End date : March 18th)
Sway's [Christina] Beaded Curtain . Straight . green
Sway's [Christina] Beaded Curtain . Tapered . green
Sway's [Christina] Beaded Curtain . Straight . red
Sway's [Christina] Beaded Curtain . Tapered . red
Sway's [Christina] Beaded Curtain . Random . red

Have fun :)
Thanks for coming to my blog.