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Dear reader. Hope your Friday is great <3

How will you spend the time this Friday? :)

Credit @ Simple Reflection in Swank
SR Ruffle Wreath Heart
SR Ruffle Wreath Heart Pink
SR Heart Streamer with Shadow
SR Art Deco Marquetry Coffee Table

Credit @ ~NAUGHTYbits~
[NB] ~ Brandi Bedroom Wall Hanging
[NB] ~ Brandi Bed
[NB] ~ Brandi Bedroom Area Rug
[NB] ~ Brandi Bedside Table R
[NB] ~ Brandi Bedroom Dresser
[NB] ~ Live, Laugh, Love Wall Decal
[NB] ~ Brandi Bedroom Fireplace
[NB] ~ Brandi Chandelier
[NB] ~ Ancient Greek Pottery Decor
[NB] ~ Brandi Sofa
[NB] ~ Brandi Bench Seat

I hope you enjoy Simple Reflection's decor and Naughty bits sexy furniture :)
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