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Fresh Sunday morning


Dear reader. Hope your great Sunday!!

Almost end of January. How was your January in SL and in RL.
My January in SL, I joined to amazing work creators blogger group!! ohh myy!
It would be much much wonderful blogging time. and i am very happy for like my work 💓

Credit @  RJD 
Pool house @ Main store (Open soon!) / Demo pack in Marketplace

Credit @ Little Branch on Sense Event

Credit @ Aphrodite shop @ On9 (Aprodite shop Valentine Market)
<Heart Homes> Hanging Cuddlenest  (PG)

Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture in Ultra
Harbour Boat Seat (Adult) CHEZ MOI

Credit @ .:Tm:. Creation on Swank January
[WaterWell] ADT Garden Scene w/anims. S19.a

Credit @ Pink Magic on Swank January
Fairy : Pink Magic : Fairy Decor

Credit @ TLC Animated Animals 
TLC River Otter [Upright]
TLC River Otter Wet [Standing]
TLC Otter Pond

Credit @ Raindale
Raindale ~ Woodland stump (pale wood, with pillow)
Raindale ~ Woodland stump (light wood)
Raindale ~ Flower bucket 1

Pink Magic


Dear reader. Wishes your wonderful weekend 💓

I invited to Secondlife my the other game friend.
She is really really new to Secondlife. and i am a teacher to her of Secondlife lol
but...It is very complicate teaching to new people that how to play Secondlife.
Thinking that what i should tell to her first.. about mesh body..?
or because of First, i should tell to her how to wear the cloth on Classic avater?
but i really hope she will enjoy Secondlife.

N21 January is here from 21th January to 12th February.
my [PUMEC] also here!  she released new Gacha for Catwa with Hair and Hair Chain. Per play 100L.
"Rare" will come to you All color of Hair and Chain with color change HUD, and All skin together.
Preview :

Skin : --- PUMEC - #12  - February - CATWA SKIN App. @N21 January
Hair : CHAIN - Ophelia Hair (Bento) @N21 January
Chain : CHAIN - Ophelia Headchain (Bento) @N21 January
Eye applier and makeup : .eu…



Dear reader. how is your weekday is good so far? :)

Powder Pack January Lelutka released on 17th.

Featuring in this post, Essences new skin, E U P H O R I C, Studio Exposed makeup.
everything coming in Powder Pack January lelutka Edition. 

Preview :
Order in world :
Order marketplace :

Skin : Essences Kiana  (Lelutka applier) @ Powder Pack Lelutka January
*Including body shape, eyebrow shape, body applier
Eye makeup : .euphoric ~Anya Eyes&Lashes&Eyeshadow Applier [Lelutka] @ Powder Pack Lelutka January
Hair : SASSITUDE: Anna Mesh Hair - FAT PACK
accessory : [HJ] Essentials Collection - Rose Gold @ Swank January
Head : LeLutka Bento Head-CHLOE
Body : Maitreya Lara

Powder Pack release…

Penguins dreamers


Dear reader. Hope your weekday will be good for you :)

Cold day and weather news has saying will snowing around Tokyo also from afternoon time.
I hope not much snowing.
but even thought outside is cold, feel happy if inside the room is pretty warm 😌

Credit @ Bee Design in Shiny Shabby " Ballerina Bedroom Gacha"
Bee Designs Ballerina Bedroom Gacha Rug
Bee Designs Ballerina Bedroom Gacha Bed RARE
Bee Designs Ballerina Bedroom Gacha Sitting Doll
Bee Designs Ballerina Bedroom Gacha single poster 1
Bee designs Ballerina Bedroom Gacha 4 Posters
Bee Designs Ballerina Bedroom Gacha single poster 2
Bee Designs Ballerina Bedroom Gacha Hanging Ballerinas
Bee Designs Ballerina Bedroom Gacha Dresser
Bee Designs Ballerina Bedroom Gacha Lamp
Bee Designs Ballerina Bedroom Gacha Decorative Wardrobe RARE

Credit @ Your Dreams in The Season Story "Super Cute Penguins"
{YD} Super Cute Penguins - King
{YD} Super Cute Penguins - Girl
{YD} Super Cute Penguins - Graduated
{YD} Super…

Early winter morning


Dear reader. Hope your nice weekend :)

When i getting ready for trip, thinking about how i will enjoy and looking forward to what good memory i can get :)

Credit @ :: NEWCHURCH :: in Cosmopolitan (End date : 28th January)
:: N :: Bruges Slope-Arm Sofa, Pewter

Credit @ Casa de Bebe in Swank January
{CdB} Asha Makeup Table
b.b. nail polish
bb for Eyes
bb palette
b.b. nail polish pink
{CdB} Make Up Mirror
bb lipstick closed
bb hair brush
{CdB} Vintage Rotary Phone
{CdB} Asha Vanity Lamp
{CdB} Asha Vanity Chair
{CdB} Asha Bookcase
{CdB} Potted Ivy in Faience
{CdB} Tea Table
{CdB} Philodendron in Limestone Urn
{CdB} Blossom Carpet

Credit @ **Mistique**
Buckle Ottoman Brown
Buckle Ottoman Blue

Credit @ YourDreams in The Chapter Four (End date : February 1st)
{YD}Mug Sets - white Want
{YD}Mug Sets - Coffee White
{YD}Mug Sets - Black Cactis
{YD}Mug Sets - Black Meow
{YD}Mug Sets - White Almost
{YD}Mug Sets - White Cactis
{YD}Mug Sets - Black holder RARE

Enjoy decoration and Happy shoppi…

*FlowerDreams @ 68Main


Dear reader.  How is your weekday? :)  I hope you enjoying Secondlife on weekday too!

Have you checked 68Main new round?
Every round, gorgeous brands are here and my dearest designer Nile.Karas *FlowerDreams here!
when i talked before, she said new design coming up non stop.
I always feel she is really enjoying design of gown. not obligation, not "Have to" do thing for her.

Sooo, Nile released new gown "Leah" for 68Main. Coming 4 color.
Cloth applier and nipple cover coming for Maitreya / Belleza / Slink and Standard cloth layer of course. 

Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Leah - green @  68Main

Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Leah - rose  @  68Main

hair : TRUTH HAIR Isolde -  browns
Necklace : Meva Coins Necklace Gold

Location : Les reves perdus

happy shopping and enjoy your Secondlife as we do :) 
Thanks for coming to my blog.

The warm Monday


Dear reader. Hope your nice weekday :)

Very cold day today. but no snow here. i am so happy that.
but i wanted to go shopping and i went. Actually very cold outside but feel comfortable that cold feeling.
my shopping also was good i could buy that i wanted to buy one with nice price.
I hope your Monday also was good like me :)

Credit @ Sway's in The Liaison Collaborative
Sway's [Games] Sofa / Adult
Sway's [Word Game] Wall art . Love
Sway's [Word Game] Wall art . Family

Credit @ Park Place in Swank January
[Park Place] Coat Rack Plant Stand - Ferns
[Park Place] Vintage Fashion Poster #1
[Park Place] Vintage Fashion Poster #3
[Park Place] Modern Ceiling Lamps
[Park Place] Wooden Wall Planter Decor
[Park Place] Loft Pallet Sofa

Credit @ Sway's in Main store
Sway's [Wintertime] flower pot with plant . Present
Sway's [Wintertime] flower pot with plant . Hohoho
Sway's [Wintertime] flower pot with plant . Snowflakes
Sway's [Wintertime] flower pot wit…



Dear reader. Hope your nice weekend!

The Season Story started to the January 31st.
When I tried to visit, was full sim.. so i will visit later.
Because my [PUMEC] released new skin "Letta" for Lelutka head for The Season story. she is beautiful.
Preview :
Coming with 8 skin tone, and body applier, body shape (Greer), eyebrow shape, Standard skin.

Designer Showcase moved to new location with New build.
Check out the new fashion :)

Skin : .:[PUMEC] :. - .Letta:. - / The Season Story \  - SKIN (Lelutka)
Eye brow makeup : Avada~ Adriana Eyebrows @ Designer Showcase
Eye shadow makeup : ::DS:: Interstellar Eyeshadow LeLutka Applier HUD @ Designer Showcase
Eye applier : ::DS:: Revenant LeLutka Eyes Applier HUD @ Dulce Secret main store
Lipstick : #Colivati Beauty. November 2017 Pack - Lelutka @ Powder Pack Lelutka November (2017
Hair : Sintiklia - Hair Francis - Blondes
Head : Lelutka Greer
Body : Maitreya

Enjoy your Lelutka life as i do!

Deer garden in white


Dear reader. Hope your weekday is good so far <3

Cold winter is still here. but if there is sunny light even thought little bit, i can get warm.
and it makes me to have small happiness.

Credit @ MW Pixel Dust (Created by Madison Whelan)  in Swank
[MW] Lovers Charm Rose Garden ADULT  w/Music v.2

Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture @ SHINY SHABBY (End date : 15th January)
Grace Arbor Seat (Adult) CHEZ MOI

Credit @ **Dreamscapes Art Gallery**
*Fashion Deer* Head A
*Fashion Deer* A
*Fashion Deer* C

Swank Event started from 5th to End of the day of this month "January Makeover " round.
Swank event is ready for you with new build all new sections for just Men, Ladies, Beauty , Home & Garden in its own showroom.

Hope you visit to each event and happy shopping :) 

Thanks for coming to my blog.

Puppies for The New Year


Dear reader.

This is my first blog post of 2018. Happy New Year!!
I was on vacation until 5th. I did to eat alot and to see with my parents and my sisters family.
I enjoyed very much my vacation and now I am back SL and blogging.

While i was on vacation, SL is going. Some events are started from january 1st.
Cosmopolitan also running from 1st to 13th January.

Credit  @ Your Dreams in Lootbox! {YD} Puppies New Year - Hugh {YD} Puppies New Year - Jeff {YD} Puppies New Year - Steven {YD} Puppies New Year - Baby {YD} Puppies New Year - Lily {YD} Puppies New Year - David {YD} Puppies New Year - John RARE {YD} Puppies New Year - Joan {YD} Puppies New Year - Angel {YD} Puppies New Year - Billy {YD} Puppies New Year - Scott
Credit @ Bee Design in Cosmopolitan Bee designs Urban Nights Gacha Sofa RARE Bee designs Urban Nights Gacha Nightstand Bee designs Urban Nights Gacha Bed RARE Bee designs Urban Nights Gacha-Okay But poster Bee designs Urban Nights Gacha Exit Sign Bee designs Urban Nig…

Powder Pack Lelutka January Edition

Powder Pack will release Lelutka Edition on January 17th. and no Catwa Edition in January.  So next month, will release Catwa edition. so will be "1 pack per month"  Before was 2 pack per month, Catwa Edition / Lelutka Edition.  I hope you will taste of Powder Pack more DEEP per month, and hope will like it more.  
You can reserve in-world or on the marketplace between the 1st and the end of the day 16th.  Your Pack will automatically be delivered to you on the 17th.
Order in -world Order - on- marketplace All info and previous package preview :
Following brands this month...  #adored  in -world shop :  Flicker :
amara beauty  In -world shop : Flicker :  https://www…