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Dream of Flower..... @ SNEAK PEEK


Nice to see you again!!!

This post will last post of this month.

Introducing about .:FlowerDreams:.Adele Gown.
I am so happy to meet with many creator in this event.
*FLOWERDREAMS CREATION also one of person that happy to have met.
Her creation items ... specially gown are an amazing for me.  
and French Vintage Couture new released LipStick "Classic Glossy"
Its a Sexy Lipstick :) 

Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Adele @ SNEAK PEEK
 (include with lovely hat)
Hair : Magika [01] Listen
LipStick : French Vintage Couture- Classic Glossy - Red 1
 (pink / purple / red / red purple / red pink in pack)

even Group gift, nothing different quality with other. 

SNEAK PEEK until July 5th

Ok, I will go sleep....  I hope to see you next month also!!!

Thank you for coming here today :)

Home(Gift)&Decor and SNEAK PEEK


Nice to see you again :) 

This time I want to introduce you Sway's Gift 
cushion and again SNEAK PEEK!!!

First.. Thank you very much*MSS*Owner Jaylen :)  I enjoyed blogging of your items.
I have known your shop but i didn't suppose that i could work under you.
i am very happy to see you in this event. Thank you very much!! 

記事はこちら (いつまで記事が残るか分からないのでなくなってたらごめんなさい。。)

(Home and Decor credit)
Rainbow Cushion : Sway's[LGBT Heart] floor cushion (New Gift!!)
-->5couple animation / 5friend /single antimation
Carten :Sway's [Tyler] Streamer curtain . solid
Neon : Sway's [Tyler] Flamingo neon sign
Book Table : (Decor) - Stacked Books Table (Whimsical Happenings)
Memoris Frame : (Decor) - Making …

Did you go to SNEAKPEEK??


Nice to see you again :) 

SNEAK PEEK blogging No3!


Dress : appear - Ingrid Dress  (changeable to 40design by HUD) @ SNEAK PEEK
Hair : .ploom. Bambi - Browns
Body : #TheMeshProject 

Very wide open front, side and back also very sexy!!
Rather Coverd part is a little :)
now i showed you only 4 pattern. but you can change to a lot of design and color by HUD. Great!!!
Dress name is "Ingrid Dress" my partner said that that name comes by a actor.
so i wanted to promote. but i dont even know that movie.....
I know i should to watch this movie.. maybe will watch that movie it later..

Hair : Clawtooth: Say Yes (Enchanting Brunettes Pack)
Body : #TheMeshProject 

Location : Elysion 

I has been loving Glitter's Outfit for long time. I am happy to see with Glitter's creator in this event!! 
and i am soooo glad that i could blog of her creation!! Th…

SNEAK PEEK Event (2)


Nice to see you again :) 

woowie!! Every items are sooo amazing! beautiful that participating creator's creation!! 
again,Thanks a lot for Event Manger and Each Creator :)
I am so glad that i am be part of this event team.


Showing you dresses by 2 pic.


(credit) Dress : [VM] VERO MODERO  Linen Skirt Set - Army @ SNEAK PEEK  (include : belt and ring)
Hair : .ploom. Jacquie - Browns
Bag : French Vintage Couture - Anna Bag - White
Necklace : :INSOMNIA: Songs of InnocenceGG (creator : glass Mint)

Jumpsuit : RAYNE Blossom @SNEAK PEEK
Necklace and bracelet : ring : / f:L / - Trillion & Pear Pearl  @SNEAK PEEK
(every parts changeable color by HUD)  Great!!
Bag and glasses : [LaVian&C0] S/S15 RedLabel Shutup & Let Me Go @SNEAK PEEK
(glasses and bag color changable…

Morning coffee with Kimono jacket


Nice to see you again :) 

Introducing about Kimono jacket by [VM] VERO MODERO Fashion
There is 10 variation. 
blue / Cream / Dragon / Flower / Patches  
 blue Dragon / Golden / Bird / Roses / Chinease  

Kimono jacket : [VM] VERO MODERO / Kimono Jacket Blue
Hair : .ploom.Fiona - Browns
 lingerie : alaskametro<3 "Yvette" satin and lace lingerie - Mint 
    --->only at Marketplace
Necklace : Elysion Pumpkin Hunt Gift - Boo Bottle Necklace (previous season gift)

(Funiture and Decor)
 Kitchen : [ARIA] Ginevera modern kitchen  -ADULT-
 Candle : Sway's [Nautical] decoration . candle seashell
 Kitchen Decor : [ARIA] Ginevra kitchen decorative chopping boards
 Kitchen Decor : [ARIA] Ginevra kitchen mitts
 Wall Decor : tarte. organization board (yellow & grey)

Kimono jacket : [VM] VERO MODERO / Kimono Jacket Cream
Hair : .ploom.Fiona - Browns
 lingerie : alaskametro<3 "Yvette" satin and lace lingerie - Mint 
    --->only at Marketplace
Necklace : Elysion …



Hi <3

SNEAK PEEK fashion event will start soon. from June 25 to July 5th
You can't miss beautiful Outfit by awesome designers and shops.

Official blog 
Event Slurl 

You can get beautiful group gift also. 

SNEAK PEEK fashion eventがスタートします。25日からとのことですが、もう始まってるのかも?


Don't Miss It!! 

Dress : FLRN DESIGN - Neely Gown Dress @ SNEAK PEEK
Hair : ""D!va"" Hair "Melissa" @ Shiny Shabby - June
Necklace and bracelet : Machoire Vip GroupGift

Hope you would find most of your favorite items!!

Thank you for coming here today :)

Gacha @ {AnaMarkova} Summer Knit Dress


Nice to see you again :) 

Gacha is Capsule toy in japan also in reallife for long time. 
There is at in anywhere of store or shopping mall or grocery or Home Depo or else.
almost per 100 yen to 300 yen. (1 to 3 US dollors)
Now in secondlife, this "Gacha" is very popular and became regularly shopping style.
when first stage of gacha is major shopping in sl, i was suprised a little bit.  
later that, in rl i have rounding lever of vending machine of gacha than before lol 
but i love it in rl and in sl both!!

{AnaMarkova}Design released new Gacha of Summer Knit Dress <3
wide open neck and short pencil skirt is sexy!   
They are very simple design you can wear it at anytime.

(credit left)
dress : {AnaMarkova}Cristal Summer Knit Dress Pure RARE (Gacha)
hair : Magika [01] Awake (color changeable with HUD)
LipcStick : French Vintage Couture - Sensuality Lipstick - 5

(credit center)
dress : {AnaMarkova}Cristal Summer Knit Dress  Cotton Candy (Gacha)
hair : Magika [01] Awake  (color changeable…

I can be your princess?


Nice to see you again :) 

Introducing about Virtual Diva Monique Gown. Love this gown!!  

Dress : Monique Gown Rouge @ Virtual Diva (NEW)
Hair : [elikatira] Sound - Essentials Collection
EyeLiner : French Vintage Couture - Black Eyeliners - Pack 1 - 3 (NEW)
Lipstick : French Vintage Couture - Sensuality Lipstick - 1 

so chic gown!! am sure you would love this gown. 
and you would be want to go ballroom with your partner :)

Have Happy time!!

Thank you for coming here today :)

Swing with me....?


Nice to see you again :) 

First...I am so happy that i can be part of "Sneak Peak event" and "APPLY ME" member. 
Later of this event start, i will blogging as much as possible i can. 

This time i wan to Introduce you about almost French Vintage Couture creation.
about the other shops are please look at credit.

recently, one of my favorite music is "Swing"  I love swing dance more than romantic dance.
this cherrful music make me in a cheerful mood even if my feeling down.
but In Sl, swing is not regularly.  a club or Dj are very a few. so when i found the club, i get excite! 
some times, i was blogging in nobody swing club.
They are so nice background music for me.

(above pic credit)
Dress : French Vintage Couture - Diana Dress - Pink
hair : ""D!va"" Hair "Yuko" (Black amber)
accessory : French Vintage Couture- Savana Set - Silver

Classic dress. and standard dress with Swing dance!!
i wore the hair with ribbon. because i imaged vintage s…

-IrodorI- New release 30%OFF


Nice to see you again :) 

I want to introduce you  -IrodorI- New released Japanease cloth "Princess of rose series"
There is 6 colors -->black / blue / orange/ pink / purple /red
Now 30%OFF Until June 30!!!
You can't miss this price!! and its only at Main store.

Detail in  -IrodorI- website

(above pic credit) Kimono : -IrodorI- Princess of roses(red)NEW
(below pic credit) Kimono : -IrodorI- Princess of roses(black)NEW bag : *evergreen*Kinchaku (on MP / 20L)

This set include with.....

  Hair for japanease Kimono (in this pic)  Hair accessories  Kimono dress  Obi belt  Geta (japanease shoes)   

This is front short skirt type. then looks cute with kids even more.
This is like kids of princess :)  so i have no makeup below pic. 
Also You can do makeup as much as you want with this kimono.
it would be so chic!
(i have makeup only Lipstick first pic)

If you wont purchase, anyway you can try DEMO! 
It may makes change your feeling... :) 

Thank you for coming here today.

Walk in thought


Nice to see you again :) 

Introducing about {AnaMarkova}Designs's Stephani dress and accessory by  French Vintage Couture.

(above 2 pic credit)
dress : {AnaMarkova} Stephani Bouquet
Necklace and earring : French Vintage Couture - Savana Set - Galaxy
LipStick :French Vintage Couture Light Lipsticks - Pack Green & Blue - Ice 1
ElyLiner : French Vintage Couture -  Eyeliner Metallic Color - Gray

hair : [e] Fight - Rich Browns
body : #The mesh Project
Location : -The bay-  (to go inside, you need join group)

dress : {AnaMarkova}Stephani Blue Lagoon Necklace and earring : French Vintage Couture - Savana Set - Silver & Gold LipStick : French Vintage Couture - Sensuality Lipstick - 4 hair : *ARGRACE* Lily - Light Browns body : #The mesh Project
Savana set would be nice accessory with any outfit. Gown or Casual or anything!! Savana set  -- 5type (Galaxy / Silver & Gold / Silver / Gold / Coral ) Stephani dresses are every color  soo beautiful.  Specially I love "Blue Lagoon…

Vero Angel


Nice to see you again :) 

Introducing about [VM]  VERO MODERO / Angel dress  
Every design Soo gorgeous and beautiful and very sexy :)

If possible i want to show you every design ....
But i chose White and Black :) 

(first pic credit)
Angel dress : [VM]  VERO MODERO / Angel FAIRY
Hair : *ARGRACE* TAMAKI - Coppers

(second pic credit)
Angel dress :[VM]  VERO MODERO/ Angel MONO
Hair : [ SIXTY NINE ] - HAIR 06 

I hope you would Love this angel dress. 
The other design also beautiful. You can't miss check at in main store :)

Thank you for coming here today :)

Hey wait!!


Nice to see you again :)

Do you know?  Fifty Lindan Friday today!!
I want to introduce you Sway's FLF items.  
and {AnaMarkova}Designs's Summer outfit!!

as always both LOVE<3

(Decor credit)
Sway's [Whale] coatrack @ FLF
  2 variations -- no-cloth type and hanging cloth 
  4 texture changeable by touch.

(chair credit)
Sway's [Ahoy] stool . nautical  @ FLF
  12 animation / 10 texture changeable by touch 

(Cloth credit)
{AnaMarkova}DesignsGretchen Suede Fringe Short Set Camel (NEW)

Sway's items so cute as always. You know even if i don't say. 
wonderful match with season. 
{AnaMarkova}DesignsCloth has 5 color 
  ---> Camel / black / pink / Teal / pure(white)

This pants set makes me want to take a nap!! at comfortable place.

Have a Happy Friday!!!

Thank you for coming here today.