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Dear lovely day


Dear reader.  hope your nice weekday <3

Featuring Your Dream in Limit8. running to the 13th September. (opened 18th August)
Limited items is "Fatpack" of kitties. only 188L. if you buy separate, will cost 108L on each.
So cute kitties and lovely heart i love them a lot :)
(some shops limit items are already sold out... so hurry up!)
The other items are in Swank @ Retro Maniac round. Running to the 31th August.

Skybox : LAGOM - Gothenburg Skybox.@ Builder's box August

Credit @ Your Dreams in Limit8
{YD}Cute cat kawaii- Gray cat
{YD}Cute cat kawaii- Yellow Cat
{YD}Cute cat kawaii-  White Cat

Credit @ Park Place in Swank @ Retro Maniac
[Park Place] Dark Maple Retro Bed - Adult
[Park Place] Retro Wall Decor
[Park Place] Retro Floor Lamp - Teal
[Park Place] Retro Credenza
[Park Place] Yellow Retro Phone Decor
[Park Place] "Books" Tissue Holder
[Park Place] Retro Table Lamp - Orange
[Park Place] Retro Accent Chair - Orange
[Park Place] Retro Ottoman with Thr…



Dear reader.  How was your weekend? :) hope would be nice for you.

Powder Pack Catwa August released on 17th.
Preview -->
Order in world
Order in mareketplace
All of info is in Powder Pack online :

I love to touch with new skin in powder pack.
feel like makes me to be beauty much more :)

Skin : amara beauty - Powder Pack CATWA - Lilian skin @Powder Pack Catwa August
makeup and eye applier : ::Modish:: Bea Cosmetics [Catwa PowderPack] August  @Powder Pack Catwa August
Ears : .:[PUMEC] :.  - / Mesh Ears\   -  LITTLE STAR @ [PUMEC] main store
Hair : Blues. Pamela - Naturals 1
Head : Catwa Lona
body : Maitreya lara

amara beauty new skin "Lilian" coming 12 skin tone with 2 type eyebrow and no eyebrows.
Including body applier working on Omega system.
Modish released…

Modish @ TheGachaGarden


Dear reader.  (Coming soon the 900 times blogging! Yay!)
Changed my head to Catwa.

Modish released new skin Gacha for The Gacha Garden.
Skin + makeup = 9 type and no make up skin applier and eye applier.. this 2 items are rare.
and 5 color Catwa eye applier.

I would love to share with you skin + makeup in second picture.
first picture is showing you no makeup skin and makeup coming as "Davina Lipsticks" in main store.
Second picture is showing Skin + makeup items.

Shown head on Catwa Lona.
wearing hair is TRUTH August GroupGift

 Skin : ::Modish:: Lexy [fatpack]-Catwa-Skin Applier RARE @ TheGachaGarden
 Eye applier : ::Modish:: Lexy-eyes (03) nr.10 @ TheGachaGarden
 Lipstick : ::Modish:: Davina Lipsticks [Catwa] @ Modish main store

 Skin : ::Modish:: Lexy [Catwa] Face01 [D02]HUD @ TheGachaGarden
 Skin : ::Modish:: Lexy [Catwa] Face01 [F03]HUD @ TheGachaGarden
 Skin : ::Modish:: Lexy [Catwa] Face01 [T02]HUD @ TheGachaGarden
 Skin : ::Modish:: Lexy [Catwa…

Private time..


Dear reader!  Wishes your nice weekday 👴👵

My blog post is not weather news but i want to write about weather because its not normal at all.
Finished rain season but there was no sunny day at all in August.
August is most hot season but for a few days, but so chilly days.
but anyway its good than too hot days... maybe something strange in world but feel comfortable than too hot summer.

If i take a vacation in forest, in green, would be comfortable even if hot summer days.

Credit @ CJ Creation in Swank August
CJ Arwen Iron Vintage Gazebo
CJ Retro Chair with 50 Single 5 Couple + Props
CJ Retro Set Table with Props by touch
CJ Retro Set Planter
CJ Arwen Iron Vintage Table
CJ Arwen Iron Vintage Chair R

Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture in Limit8 (August 18th - September 13th)
Porch Swing Oak (Adult) CHEZ MOI
Bucket Vintage Flowers CHEZ MOI

Scene ..
Hummingbird Garden Tree  - Purple by Simply Shelby
DD Wild Winding Flower Path by Dreamland Design

I hope you like everything items!
Enjoy Se…

*FlowerDreams in Appliqué


Dear reader.
Chilly this morning.. even August, im wearing like autumn cloth..
Worry that i dont get cold.. :(

*FlowerDreams is participating in Applique 18th round.
Nile released new and exclusive gown "Bianca" for Applique event.
Elegant design and sexy.... :) Hope you like this.
You can check Nile's past released gown too in Applique.
Check it out <3

Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Bianca - wine @ Exclusive Applique 18th round
*Cloth applier for Belleza / Maitreya / Slink, and system cloth layer.
Hair : Clawtooth: Windswept (Enchanting Brunettes Pack)
Body : Maitreya Lara

Enjoy shopping!
Thanks for coming to my blog.

Powder Pack August Catwa




Dear reader. Hope your nice weekday will come to you 😙

Designer Showcase by Prism Design time!
Journey McLaglen released so summer chic pants and tops in Designer Showcase.
available 4 color each, fitmesh for alot of body!!
so please check the DEMO before purchase.

top : Prism Journey Jeans Top - Seaside Fade - Coral @ Designer Showcase August
pants : Prism Journey Jeans - Surfside Fade - Driftwood @ Designer Showcase August
Heal :Glamistry - EDELWEISS Heels

top : Prism Journey Jeans Top - Seaside Fade - Driftwood @ Designer Showcase August
Pants : Prism Journey Jeans - Surfside Fade - Tropico @ Designer Showcase August
Heal : Glamistry - EDELWEISS Heels

I really love this outfit! 

Enjoy the summer! 
Thanks for coming to my blog.

Cuties moment in brick wall room


Dear reader.

I wanted to blog for sure of New Church skybox in Builders box August...
Its the wall was made by brick.
And, Window Blind was released by Sway's 11th August week FLF.
FLF items are still in main store... but hurry up! Sometimes its change very quick!

Credit @ :: NEWCHURCH :: in Builder's Box August
Skybox : :: N :: Tribeca Loft Skybox

Credit @ Sway's FLF of 11th week
Sway's [Laurel] Window Blind - wide . metal
*Color and open / close / up change by touch

Credit@Your Dreams in The Gacha Garden  (Until 31th August)
{YD}Cute moments - Cook RARE
{YD}Cute moments - Sweet Dreams  {Seed of inspiration}
{YD}Cute moments - Janitor
{YD}Cute moments - Ballet princess
{YD}Cute moments - Singer
{YD}Cute moments - Artist
{YD}Cute moments - Butterfly lover
{YD}Cute moments - Lazy

Credit @ :: NEWCHURCH :: in On9
:: N :: Duane Park Bookcase, Zinc (w/ Books)
:: N :: Varick Side Table, Antique Pine

Credit @ Dictatorshop main store or Marketplace
[Ds] Chesterfield Adu…

Albino Peacock in Designer Showcase


Dear reader.

Designer Showcase by Albino Peacock time!

Albino Peacock released Soo elegant tight dress.
available 8 color and fitmesh for Maitreya / Slink / eBody, and Standar Fitmesh 2 size.
Toropical color and design... is so nice in summer night romantic dancing :)

Dress (picture1) : Albino Peacock - "Rita" Gown - Gold @ Designer Showcase August
Dress (Picture2) : Albino Peacock - "Rita" Gown - Red @ Designer Showcase August
Body : Maitreya Lara
Hair : [e] Kendal - Essentials

Come to Designer Showcase and check the other color gown!

Enjoy Shopping!
Thanks for coming to my blog.

LENA on Lelutka May


Dear reader. Hope your weekday will finish nice!!

Lelutka released 4 new head "Bianca" "Greer" "May" "Spencer".
and past released head also version up to 3.0.
All info are lelutka blog -->
Other Social media : Lelutka flicker / Lelutka Flicker group / Lelutka Facebook
Main store :

So! I tried demo 4 type and it had took very long time.
If possible i want to buy 4 head... maybe i will buy one by one for 4 month lol
Then, My first choice "May".
Wearing skin is [PUMEC] "LENA" in Powder Pack August Lelutka.
Marketplace / Powder Pack facebook  / Flicker group Powder Pack online /

Skin : .:[PUMEC] :. - .:LENA:. /  PP  AUGUST  \  -  SKIN SET @ Powder Pack August Lelutka
*Coming 5 skin tone .. January / March / April / May / September
*Including Simone head base shape / Eyebrow shape / Body applier for alot of body!
*Standard skin for each skin tone


Prism Design


Dear reader.
This page is not weather news page but i want to write about Typhoon is around i live.
So just washing finished laundry got rain 😔

Prism Design Time!
This "Paloma Cocktail Dress" is now available at main store.
so please visit to mainstore... and explore the sim :)  Its beautiful sim!

outfit (picture1) : Prism Paloma Cocktail Dress by Jezzixa in Pink Navy @ MainStore
outfit (picture1) : Prism Paloma Cocktail Dress by Jezzixa in Cream Black @ MainStore
*Fitmesh for Belleza / Maitreya / Slink, 5 size standard fitmesh / Classic mesh
*available 6 color

Enjoy shopping!
Thanks for coming to my blog.



Dear reader...  Hope your day was / is / will nice day :)

So i changed the head to Catwa Catya. For [PUMEC] STELLA for SaNaRae.
Check out [PUMEC] flicker :
4 Skin tone Coming out. (January / March / May / Septermber)

Skin : .:[PUMEC] :. - .:STELLA:. @   SaNaRae
*Including together body shape. eyebrow shape, beauty HUD
Hair : Dura-B&G79-LIGHT A @Dura Main store
Head : Catwa Catya
Body : Maitreya Lara

Try Demo before purchase!

Enjoy Catwa life!
Thanks for coming to my blog.

Pastel August..


Dear reader. Hope your nice weekend :)

How is your summer so far?
So this time, pre-ordered of "Builder's Box August".. i had waiting this time from  July!
I wanted to blog more earlier,, but didnt come true.. because my Sway's is in Builders box!
Catalog of Builder's box August -->
Order -->

Perfect TEN is running to the 15th August.
please check the credit!!

Credit @ Sway's in Builder's box August
Sway's [Arthur] Cottage . berry
Sway's [Arthur] Cottage . sky
Sway's [Arthur] Cottage . grass

Credit @ Perfect TEN
DD Nautical Vintage Hanging Bed by Dreamland Design
Planter with Hibiscus by HJM Designs
Umbrella Planter by HJM Designs

Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture
Ice Cream Cart Sunrise CHEZ MOI
Santorini Lounge Sofa (Adult) CHEZ MOI

Scene credit...
3 Bunnies  - Kitty Creations
Beautiful Day Planter by HJM Designs
[DDD] Twiggy Twinkle Tree

Ocean Breeze Nautical Living Room


Dear reader. Hope you enjoying the Secondlife.

SaNaRae this round is running to the 17th.
I would love to introduce with you Aphrodite shop / <Heart Home> gorgeous goodies.
And, Around the Grid 80 days 5 Hunt!! check out the hunt item preview!
This is one of my favorite hunt.. 2 type cost. 25L or 1L. Very nice idea! lol
if you want to get easy, you pay 25L, but if you look for and find the item from all around, you pay only 1L.

Credit @ Aphrodite shop / <Heart Home> in SaNaRae
"Ocean Breeze Nautical Living Room" (in PG and in Adult)
<Heart Homes> Ocean breeze Nautical  Couple Sofa A (PG)
<Heart Homes> Ocean breeze Boat Shelf
<Heart Homes> Ocean breeze Books Deco
Nautical Deco Fish Small
<Heart Homes> Ocean breeze nautical 3 friends Sofa
<Heart Homes> Ocean breeze NauticalCouch Table
<Heart Homes> Ocean breeze Nautical Deco SaiIboat Model
<Heart Homes> Ocean breeze Nauticall Lighthouse
<Heart Homes> Ocean breeze…



Dear reader. Hope your nice weekday so far!

Do you know that Powder Pack August lelutka released on 1st.
Previwe -->
Order in world  / Order - Marketplace / Powder pack online

Beautiful skin shop Essences released new skin for Powder pack Leltuka August.
6 skin tone and 6 type eyebrow, and body applier for Maitreya / Belleza / tmp, and working on Omega system.
I would love to share with you ".ARISE." makeup.

Skin : Essences Grazia @ Powder Pack Lelutka August 
*Shape, Eyebrow shape including.
Makeup : .ARISE. Stella Makeup Set  @ Powder Pack Lelutka August
Head : Lelutka Chloe
Hair : Clawtooth: Lush Essentials Pack
body : Maitreya Lara

Beautiful skin from Light tone and dark tone of Essences. I really love Essences skin.
I am so happy to see Essences skin with Powder Pack!
.ARISE. is first time in Powder pack. i really happy to see with new shop when blogging..
Thats is why i am still staying in blogging.

I really hope you enjoy …

Vintage Sewing


Dear reader.  Hope your nice weekday 😄

For sure You are cool if you can handle and making cloth with the sewing machine.
Would be so wonderful things for me!

Credit @ Your Dreams in Lost and Found "{YD}Vintage Sewing Background"Gacha
{YD}Vintage Sewing Background - Background
{YD}Vintage Sewing Background - Sewing machine  RARE
{YD}Vintage Sewing Background - Vintage Dummy
{YD}Vintage Sewing Background - Fabric Basket
{YD}Vintage Sewing Background - Chair  Green
{YD}Vintage Sewing Background - Chair  Yellow
{YD}Vintage Sewing Background - Rug
{YD}Vintage Sewing Background - Lines
{YD}Vintage Sewing Background - scissors
{YD}Vintage Sewing Background - Pincushion

Credit @ Cwtch
Cwtch. Watercolour Shell print
Cwtch. Watercolour Starfish print

Credit @ [CIRCA] living
[CIRCA] - "Floral Delight" Plant Stand - Violet Ploom
[CIRCA] - "Floral Delight" Plant Stand - Green Ploom
[CIRCA] - "Botanical Gardens" Long Bucket Planter - Crocus

Heal : Glam…

::Modish:: new in Mainstore


Dear reader.
August coming soon! Time goes very very fast!!!

::Modish:: released new skin at Mainstore!!
Please visit to main store and check Modish world 😊
Check it out the picture --> Flicker

Skin : ::Modish:: Deliah [Catwa] @ Modish mainstore
*available 6 skin tone
Makeup : ::Modish:: Myra [PowderPack Catwa) July @ Powder pack July
Hair : *barberyumyum*P02(beige)
Head : Catwa Lona
Body : Maitreya Lara

Powder Pack August Lelutka Edition pre-order will close soon in 31th.
Order in -world   /  Order marketplace / Powder Pack online

Thanks for coming to my blog.

[PUMEC] - Sintiklia


Dear reader.

Shiny Shabby is open this round until 15th August!
[PUMEC] released new skin gacha for Shiny  and this is featuring with Sintiklia
beautiful hair and a lot of color. for sure you would love it! 
Gacha key -->

Skin and body applier : 3 color -- January / May / March @Shiny Shabby
Mesh ear : .:[PUMEC] :.  - / Mesh Ears 1 and 2  @Shiny Shabby
*Design and color change by HUD
Lipstick : ** [PUMEC]  -  Lipstick Pack #6 -  FOR CATWA HEADS HUD ** @ [PUMEC]
hair : Hair Ashe @Shiny Shabby
Hair : TRUTH HAIR Xia -  browns (picture3)
*10 color are in gacha.
Head : Catwa Catya
body : Maitreya Lara

So So beautiful! you can not miss out <3 I will spend a lot if i was a customer..
Thanks for coming to my blog. 
Enjoy Shopping!

Say Yes to new adventure!


Dear reader.  Hope your FAB weekday will come 💓

Lovely decor item Cwtch by Sleepingkoala has participating in Lost and Found of this round.
Open to the 18th August!
Please please don't miss out this round of  Lost and Found.  if you want to know why, please read Seraphim!
I will visit to Lost and found before close for sure!

Credit @ Cwtch in Lost and Found
Cwtch. Vintage Perfume Posters
Cwtch.Spray Painted Old Chair 2
Cwtch. Spray Painted Old Chair 1
Cwtch. Spray Painted Old Table
Cwtch. Recycled Jewellery Holder
Cwtch. Vintage Drawers
Cwtch. Say Yes to New Adventures Framed Poster
Cwtch. Always Take the Scenic Route Framed Poster
*Some of items color change by touch

Credit @ Cwtch in Home Show  (close on 29th July)
Cwtch.' Dream higher than the sky' print
Cwtch. 'Dream big dear little one' print

Concrete room : Cwtch. Dirty Concrete Room 1
*wall color change by touch

Credit @ :: NEWCHURCH ::
wall clock : :: N :: Zodion Wall Clock, Amber
*available 3 color



Dear reader. Hope your nice Thursday :)

Time goes very fast The August is very close.
Powder Pack Lelutka August Edition also release soon and pre-order close end of the month.
order in world / Order in makretplace /  Powder pack online / Powder Pack Flicker
Powder PACK facebook

i would love to share with you one of beautiful skin "amara beauty" in Catwa July Edition.
Preview :

Skin : amara beauty - Powder Pack CATWA - Elodie skin @ Powder Pack July Catwa
Lipstick : amara beauty - Powder Pack CATWA - Elodie lipsticks @ Powder Pack July Catwa
Blush : Zibska Cari Blush Catwa Applier  @ Powder Pack July Catwa
Hair : Clawtooth: Pull My Trigger (Brunettes W/Roots Pack)
Eye applier : .euphoric Victoria Eyes [Mesh & Catwa Applier] @ Marketplace
Head : Catwa Catya
Body : Maitreya lara
Shape : Own work

amara beaty "Elodie" coming 12 skin tone / body applier working on Omega system. Lipstick also coming together!
Zibska released toge…

Many pieces of summer


Dear reader. Hope your weekday is / was / will good!

my blog post is not weather news ... but i would like to write about weather.
Today was so so so high humidity ... only standing, got perspiring ...
in 2020 Olympic in Japan and its tokyo ,, i feel so sorry for athlete....
i can tell they would feel very very very uncomfortable.

Featuring {YD} in Cosmopolitan and Tres Chic / Zo Awesome in Designer Showcase.
Serenity Style,Cheeky Pea in Decorate July.
and more! please check my credit!

Credit @ Your Dreams in Tres Chic"Little piece of summer"Gacha (open July 17th to August 10th) 
{YD}Little piece of summer - Table
{YD}Little piece of summer - Roses on guitar  RARE
{YD}Little piece of summer - Pillow  Six
{YD}Little piece of summer - Pillow  three
{YD}Little piece of summer - Pillow  Five
{YD}Little piece of summer - Pillow  Two
{YD}Little piece of summer -  Strawberry ice cream 1
{YD}Little piece of summer - Pineapple ice cream 1
{YD}Little piece of summer - Watermelon popsicl…

Albino Peacock @ Designer Showcase July


Dear reader.  Hope your wonderful weekend 😉

Designer Showcase time!
Featuring Albino Peacock lovely summer outfit.
available 6 color fitmesh for Slink, Maitreya Belleza body and standard fitmesh 5 size.

Lately.. I want to get the Belleza body...
one reason, my partner bought belleza male body and the other reason.. Belleza body is sexy 😘
I will think about it when i get pay this month in RL lol

outfit : Albino Peacock - "Analisa" Outfit - Magenta (picture1) @Designer Showcase
outfit : Albino Peacock - "Analisa" Outfit - Periwinkle (picture2) @Designer Showcase
Hair : TRUTH VIP - June
Body : Maitreya Lara

Hope you like Albino Peacock outfit.
Visit to Designer Showcase and check awesome outfit after close the July round.

Enjoy Shopping!
Thanks for coming to my blog.

Moments at corner


Dear reader.  Hope your wonderful weekend 😊

Your Dreams released cute room corner for Limit8.
Released 2 type room and i will share with you one of 2.
Rezzing by rezzer and some cute item also coming together. Limit8 open every month on the 18th and ends on the 13th
Chez Moi Furniture released Hanging seat for Indee Teepee! End date August 6th!
and please don't miss out the other items credit too!

Hanging seat : Hanging Loveseat Tuareg (Adult) CHEZ MOI @  Indee Teepee
(available in PG and in Adult)
Corner and room decoration : {YD}Cute Backgrounds @ Limit8
{YD}Moments at home Background -  Background
{YD}Moments at home Background - Clothes rack
{YD}Moments at home Background - guitar
{YD}Moments at home Background - Scarpin Pink
{YD}Moments at home Background - Scarpin Red
{YD}Moments at home Background Scarpin Yellow
{YD}Moments at home Background - Sandal
{YD}Moments at home Background - coat
Cabinet : :: N :: Emmy Curio Cabinet, Walnut @ :: NEWCHURCH ::  main store 



Dear reader. Hope your day will good!

Powder Pack July Catwa released.
Catwa July Preview -->
Order In marketplace / Order in world /  The other info Powder Pack online

My dear [PUMEC] released new skin for Powder pack. Yeay!
Including Shape (based catwa Tala), 3 skin tone (january / May / september), Eyebrow shape,  System skin.
Maked up together with Izzie's EyeShadow, Lipstick, Catwa eye applier.

Skin : .:[PUMEC] :. - .:ELLE:. /  PP  JULY  -  SKIN SET @ Powder Pack Catwa July
Lipstick : Izzie's - Catwa - Applier Moka Lipsticks @ Powder Pack Catwa July
Eyeshadow : Izzie's - Catwa - Applier Moka Eyeshadows @ Powder Pack Catwa July
Eye applier : Izzie's - Catwa - Applier Moka Eyes Earthtones @ Powder Pack Catwa July
Head : Catwa Lona
Hair : [e] Kiki - Exclusives
Body : Maitreya Lara
Shape : Own work

Bento mesh head is really amazing. You can enjoy alot of type of shape and you can do anything for what you want.

Enjoy your Catw…



Dear reader.

Featuring ::Modish:: new skin for Catwa in The Season story. (Until July 31th)
7 skin tone, 2 type lipstick available.
J&W Jewelers accessories are in Designer Showcase July.  (Until July 31th)

Skin : ::Modish:: Paige Catwa skin @ The Season story
Lipstick : ::Modish:: Paige Dark [Catwa]Lipstick Set @ The Season story
Lipstick : ::Modish:: Paige Tan [Catwa]Lipstick Set  @ The Season story
Necklace : J&W-Jeweler-Akroma-Collection-Diamonds (picture1) @ Designer Showcase July
Necklace : J&W-Jeweler-Akroma-Collection2 (picture2) @ Designer Showcase July
*Available Earring and bracelet and Necklace
Hair : TRUTH VIP - June @ GroupGift of June
Head : Catwa Catya

Happy shopping and Enjoy your mesh life! 😆
Thanks for coming to my blog.

relaxation time


Dear reader.  Hope your good weekday will come to you 😊

I wanted to share with you a lot of more item of Decorate July.
There is many really awesome items and really nice. so I will pre-order next round too! 😁

So below picture is a my dream that relaxation under the sunset.

Credit @ <Heart Homes> / Aphrodite shop
<HEART HOMES> Outdoors gazebo @ Main store / Marketplace
<HEART HOMES> Spa Massage Table PG 1.0a @ Main store / Marketplace ( in Adult)

Credit @ Decorate July
Cabinet : Pewpew! Cabana Modular
Hammock : Hammock Honolulu (Adult) CHEZ MOI

Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture in Limit8 (Open on 18th July to August 13th)
Double Adirondack Chair Malibu (Adult) CHEZ MOI
Double Adirondack Chair Rustic (Adult) CHEZ MOI
*Available in PG and in Adult  / 3 color
Watermelon Tray CHEZ MOI

Chez Moi participate with Limit8 from 18th and this is first round for Chez Moi.
I will visit to there at least one time and check what is limit item of this round :)

Enjoy decorating! H…

Dreaming in summer shadow


Dear reader.

From today, for 3 days holiday in japan. and the first day today. so my work was very busy 😓

If you feel Summer feeling by my picture, please check the credit :)
Featuring Your Dreams released lovely gacha "The beginning of magic"
And, Sway's FLF item and TLC - The Liaison Collaborative!

Credit @ Sway's FLF (July 14th week)
Sway's [Agwe] Moon Chair . tropical
*You can choose from 2 type chair
*Color change by touch

Creidt @ TLC - The Liaison Collaborative by Sway's
Sway's [Agwe] Sofa . pattern / Adult
Sway's [Agwe] Tapestry . tropical
Sway's [Agwe] Side table
Sway's [Agwe] Vase with Monstera leaves

Credit @ Your Dreams in Lootbox Gacha event
{YD} The Beginning of Magic - Case Herbs & Potions RARE
{YD} The Beginning of Magic - Crystal Ball  Pink
{YD} The Beginning of Magic - love potion
{YD} The Beginning of Magic - Friendship Potion
{YD} The Beginning of Magic -  Peace herb
{YD} The Beginning of Magic - Envy potion

Powder Pack Catwa July pre-order


get my attention...


Dear reader.

Designer Showcase time! and this is my first post for July round.
July round running to the 31th.

Prism Design Journey McLaglen released cute bikini dress :) 
Color change by HUD and fitmesh for Maitreya / Belleza / Slink. 
You can try DEMO!

outfit : Prism Kennedy by Journey with Hud @ Designer Showcase July
*Color / Design change by HUD for bikini top and skirt
Hair : Magika - 01 - Fever
Necklace : Cae :: SL14B Gift (previous gift)

Happy shopping!
Thanks for coming to my blog.