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Romantic winter color wedding


Dear reader.

This post is my last post of 2017.
Wishes your nice end of year and comes wonderful new year. and for me too! :)
Because i will be in vacation from 31th December to 5th January.

I love this "Be Mine Wedding Collection" for The Trunk show.
Chez Moi official blog :
The Trunk show started from 19th December and running to the 18th January.
I missed to visit in this year so i will visit after back from vacation.

Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture "Be Mine Wedding Collection" in The Trunk show
Be Mine Background CHEZ MOI 1
Be Mine High Table CHEZ MOI
Be Mine Potted Flower CHEZ MOI
Be Mine Chair CHEZ MOI
Be Mine Carpet CHEZ MOI

Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture in PROJECT SEVEN
Old Winter Mail Car (Adult) CHEZ MOI
*Coming in PG and in Adult

Credit @ Bee Design " Christmas Teddies Gacha"
Bee Designs Christmas Teddies Gacha 10
Bee Designs Christmas Teddies Gacha 6
Bee Desi…

[PUMEC] Decmeber GroupGift


Dear reader. 

[PUMEC] released new GroupGift "KENDRA" for Catwa. 299L to join.
but you can get lovely past gift skin and lucky board also running.
Almost skin tone in pack, including shape (for Catwa Lona), Eyebrow shape,and system skin.
Preview :

I really hope you enjoy the gift from PUMEC πŸ’“

Skin : .:[PUMEC] :. - .:KENDRA:. -  /December Gift\  - SKIN (Catwa)
Eye makeup : A R T E - Shimmer Eyeshadow [Catwa] @ Powder Pack Catwa December
Eye applier : A R T E - Northern Eyes [Catwa] @ Powder Pack Catwa December
Necklace : !IT! - Crescent Moon Necklace
Hair : TRUTH VIP November - Ginevra
Head : Catwa Lona
Body : Maitreya Lara

ARTE makeup in Powder Pack Catwa December order in world
Powder Pack Catwa December order Marketplace
All info :

Penguins town


Dear reader.

Christmas is gone!  and started that Preparing for new year.

Credit @ Galland Homes
Laurel Ridge Pavilion by Galland Homes
Laurel Ridge Pavilion Snow Roof
Fireplace Logs (Random) by Galland Homes

Credit @ Aphrodite shop in Swank December 
Aphrodite Winter Couple Tree B -PG- 1.0
Aphrodite Winter Couple Tree C -PG- 1.0

Credit @ Park Place in Swank December  (Close up in 2nd picture)
[Park Place] Holiday Green Candy Cane Wreath (C)
[Park Place] Pine Spiral Staircase Floor Lamp
[Park Place] Color-Change Leather Pouf
[Park Place] Snowglobe Ornament - Silent Night
[Park Place] Pewter Candlestick - large (C)
[Park Place] Light Wood Coffee Table with Accessories
[Park Place] "Home For The Holidays" Mason Jar Snowglobe
[Park Place] Wintergreen Sofa - singles/cuddles

Credit @ Pink Magic in Swank December
Pink Magic : Polar Animals Island Decor

Credit @ TLC Home Collection
TLC Penguin Sledge

Do you like Penguins world? :)

Enjoy winter decoration.
Thanks for coming to…

Powder Pack Catwa December


Dear reader. Happy Merry Christmas!
Wishes your sweet sweet Christmas timeπŸ’“
For me, already Monday... so i am in ordinary day... but still feel Christmas πŸ˜„
and will come new year very very soon.

So my Christmas time blog post is for Powder Pack Catwa December.
Preview :
Order - in world :
Order - online :
All info :

Featuring brands in post are Essences and The Face.

Skin : Essences Natalia #Pale02 (Catwa Applier) @ Powder Pack Catwa December Eye and lip makeup : The Face ~ Catwa - Party ~ Make-up palette @ Powder Pack Catwa December Eye applier : The Face ~ Catwa - Tea ~ Eyes Color palette @ Powder Pack Catwa December
Hair : .Entwined. Malia / Light Browns Head : Catwa Lona  Shape : own work  *Original shape for Catwa Catya including.  Body : Maitreya…

Private candy christmas


Dear reader.  Hope your sweet weekend :)

Are you ready for the day of Christmas in RL and in SL?
I have joining some Christmas event in SL. Advent Calendar and holiday sale and DJ's event :)
I have enjoying and i wish i will be in SL next Christmas too and hope i will be blogger of home and garden decoration :)
There is a lot of Christmas item and they are very beautiful for me...
and always my pleasure to blog for them. 

Credit @ [Merak] in Collabor88
Bed : [Merak] - Leather Loveseat (White) Adult

Credit @ Bee Design in The Chapter Four "Snow Buddies  Gacha"
(End date : January 1st)
Bee Designs Snow Buddies Gacha 9
Bee Designs Snow Buddies Gacha 4
Bee Designs Snow Buddies Gacha 5
Bee Designs Snow Buddies Gacha 7
Bee Designs Snow Buddies Gacha 3
Bee Designs Snow Buddies Gacha 10
Bee Designs Snow Buddies Gacha 8
Bee Designs Snow Buddies Gacha 6
Bee Designs Snow Buddies Gacha 1 RARE
Bee Designs Snow Buddies Gacha 2 RARE

Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture in Limit8
Wrought …

68 Main December still going


Dear reader.

Have you visited to 68 Main event? Check out new fashion and join group and get many gifts.

my dear Nile's shop *FlowerDreaem is participating on this round.
Released new gown "Pippa" white color. so good gown with this season.
Coming with fitmesh for Maitreya / Belleza / slink and standard fitmesh.  please try DEMO before purchase.

Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Pippa - white @  68 Main event
Hair : AD - norma - dark blondes
Body : Maitreya Lara

Check the other beautiful fashion also.
and as always,  *FlowerDreaem having weekend sale.
I hope your happy shopping.

Enjoy your Secondlife.
Thanks for coming to my blog.

Holiday Entertainment


Dear reader.  Hope your nice weekday :)

Coming close the Christmas... How will you spend the Christmas time?
Do you have a Christmas tree in the house?
i saw the Christmas tree in my partner's house in RL and it looks nice :)
Would be nice if i could put the decoration on the big Christmas tree. Because i never did in my life. so one of my dream :)

The place where i live, nos snowing much. only 2 or 3 times in a year.
so only sometimes, i met all over the place is white.
After snowed, when i go to outside, specially driving, makes us terrible....

Credit @ Your Dreams in We <3 RP
{YD} Santa's house 1

Credit @ Dreamland Design in Swank December
DD Eskimo Winter Scene
DD Little Eskimo Skiiing
DD Fox Couple
DD NorthPole Express
DD St Nicholas
DD Winter Snow Scene

Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture in Cosmopolitan (End date : 30th December)
Snowman Family CHEZ MOI

Credit @  GOOSE
GOOSE - Ski decoration 2
GOOSE - Ski decoration 1
GOOSE - Ski bench

Enjoy your winter decoration in S…

sharing with you everything i do...


Dear reader. Hope your all of weekday will good!

PUMEC released new skin Gacha for Kustom9.
and this is my first blog for Kustom9 ... πŸ˜€

Skin : .:[PUMEC] :. - Kustom9  DEC - GACHA - (Catwa) @ Kustom9
Lipstick : ::DS:: Bee-Stung Lips @ Designer Showcase December
Hair : Tameless Hair Yasmina @ Designer Showcase December
Necklace : Long Necklace Flocons de Neige Maitreya @ NORD EMBEL'LYS JEWELRY  / Marketplace
Head : Catwa Catya
Body : Maitreya lara

Designer Showcase is running to the 31th December.
You will see New fashion ... pretty and gorgeous fashion. Visit and check!

Nord Embel'Lys jewelry released new Jewelry for woman and man both.
Visit to marketplace :
You will see something your favorite :)

Enjoy shopping and have fun :)
Thanks for coming to my blog.

Santa's hideaway


Dear reader. Good morning / Evening / afternoon!
Hope your good Sunday :)

This morning, when i hang the cloth on my balcony in RL, i saw the sunrise. It was very beautiful and very strong.
because No cloud sky and very beautiful blue. it was very comfortable even thought cold morning.
on that moments,  it makes me feel tiny bit emotional. of course to good thing. it makes me smile. 
and on the moments that seeing my white breath, my feeling back to real, and felt cold again.but
I was lucky this morning :)

Credit @ Galland Home in Paying it Forward Event (End date : 25th December)
Santa's Christmas Hut by Galland homes

Credit @ CJ Creation in Swank December
CJ Cascading Winter Pond
CJ Christmas Winter Arbor Bench
CJ Christmas Winter Scene

Credit @ irrISIStible shopin Swank December
WINTER TREE 3 branch only WHITE

Credit @ TLC Home Collection
TLC Polar Bear Adult [Laying]
TLC Polar Bear Cub [Leaning]
TLC Polar Bea…

Powder Pack Catwa December Edition

Powder Pack Catwa December Edition pre-order close soon until 16th Midnight SLT.
Your Pack will automatically be delivered to you immediately on DECEMBER 17TH early SLT time. 

Pre-order in world Last Forever/93/114/22

Pre-oreder in marketplace

More infomation

Featured brands are ...
#adored :
amara beauty :
Essences :
JustMagnetized :
Modish :

Smile and peace


Dear reader. Hope your good weekday :)

it is warm place around fireplace.
so my friends comes around it and getting warm and playing around.
There is joy and smile and warm heart.

Credit @ :: NEWCHURCH :: in The Liaison Collaborative
:: N :: Charlotte Fireplace, White
*Coming 5 color.

Credit @ Sway's in Whimsical (End date : 18th December) "Christmas Stocking Gacha"
Sway's [Christmas Stocking] Mermaid . love RARE
Sway's [Christmas Stocking] Paw . dark
Sway's [Christmas Stocking] Paw . light
Sway's [Christmas Stocking] Elf . stripes
Sway's [Christmas Stocking] Elf . rainbow RARE
Sway's [Christmas Stocking] Sock . denim
Sway's [Christmas Stocking] Ballerina . frost
Sway's [Christmas Stocking] Traditional . blue

Credit @ Bee Design in The Imaginarium "Owls Time Gacha"
Bee Designs Owls Time Gacha 1 RARE
Bee Designs Owls Time Gacha 5
Bee Designs Owls Time Gacha 2 RARE
Bee Designs Owls Time Gacha 9
Bee Designs Owls Time Gacha 6

Season in the white


Dear reader.

How are you been in winter time?

Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture in Shinny Shiny (End date : December 15th)
Sled Bed (Adult) CHEZ MOI

Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture in Paying it Forward SL  (10th December - 25th)
Snowman Sack CHEZ MOI

Credit @ .:TLC:. ANIMATED ANIMALS in Cosmoplitan  (End date : 16th December)
TLC Polar Bear Cub Present T1
TLC Polar Bear Cub Present T2

Credit @ irrISIStible in Swank December
magical winter carousel gold

Credit @ Bee Design in Shinny Shiny (End date : December 15th)
Bee Designs Merry Christmas Y'all gacha Cottage RARE]
Bee Designs Merry Christmas Y'all gacha Christmas Tree RARE
Bee Designs Merry Christmas Y'all gacha Cottage RARE

Credit @ GOOSE
GOOSE - snow covered garden chair
GOOSE - snow covered garden chair

Credit @ Bee Design  " Christmas Gonks Gacha"
Bee Des…

anytime you need..


Dear reader. Hope your nice Friday :)

The Chapter Four "A winter wonderland" is running to the 1st January.
There is alot of group gift and fee 10L to join.

PUMEC released new skin gacha (for Catwa) for Chapter four.
Skin tone is coming December / January / February / May / June / September.
I think that Even thought it was not rare, for sure you will like it. if your favorite skin tone.
Preview :

Skin : .:[PUMEC] :. - The Chapter Four - GACHA - (Catwa) @ The Chapter Four
Lipstick : ** [PUMEC]  -  Lipstick Pack #7 -  FOR CATWA HEADS HUD ** @ Main store
Hair : Sintiklia - Hair Quinn - Browns
Necklace : !IT! - Cord Necklace - HoHoHo @ The Gacha Life (05 - 31 December round )
Head : Catwa Lilly
Eye applier : .euphoric ~Bebe Eyes[Mesh & System& Catwa Applier] @ Marketpalce

Enjoy Catwa life!
Thanks for coming to my blog.

Holiday feast


Dear reader.  Hope your nice weekday 😊

Holiday season here  πŸ’—

Credit @ Your Dreams in The Imaginarium  " Christmas is coming" Gacha
{YD} Christmas is coming - North Pole - Gift of imagination
{YD} Christmas is coming - Teddy
{YD} Christmas is coming - dream
{YD} Christmas is coming - Star of David
{YD} Christmas is coming - Happy gift
{YD} Christmas is coming - My reindeer RARE
{YD} Christmas is coming - Christmas tree
{YD} Christmas is coming - Chargers

Credit @ Aphrodite shop in The Frozen Fair 2017 (9th December to 23th) *The hot cocoa set"
*food close up picture in picture2
Aphrodite table
Aphrodite Tree 1
Hot cocoa station marina
Aphrodite deco flowers pot
Aphrodite hot chocolate electrical pot RARE
Aphrodite marshmellows pot
Aphrodite marshmellows pot
Aphrodite deco flowers pot 2
Aphrodite chocolate syrup cottle
<Aphrodite> treats tower RARE
Aphrodite hot choco cup & marshmallow
<Aphrodite> accessories tower RARE
Aphrodite silver spoon

Cozy winter scenery


Dear reader. hope you having a good Monday πŸ˜„

looking forward how this winter will come to me.
Also,how i could spend the time on Christmas. in SL and in RL both.I can not have separate thinking SL and RL. 
So always i hope i could have nice time in both!

Credit @ .:Tm:.Creation  in Swank December (Open 5th)
[Angel] ADT Winter scene w/anims. wa8.a
[wa4] Winter scene in frozen pond CM
[wa6] Winter Snowy Rocks Plants Arrangement CM
[wa5] Winter Snowy Rocks Plants Arrangement CM
Winter Ground Cover Pine leaves [.:Tm:.] CM
~Ground Cover Winter leaves  v1
[P7F.1 Mid Bend Straight Snowy] Pathway Wood w/ Ferns

Credit @  Dreamscapes Art Gallery
*Christmas Reindeer* F
*Christmas Reindeer* G
*Christmas Reindeer* A

Credit @ Bee Design or Bee Design Gacha center "hristmas Cabin"
(Furniture items in Second picture)
Bee designs Christmas Cabin Gacha Cabin RARE
.:Bee Designs:.  Pine Trees A 1
.:Bee Designs:.  Pine Trees A 3
Bee designs Christmas Cabin Gacha  Lights Christmas trees

Autumn is over and winter is here


Dear reader. Hope your wonderful weekend :)

December started... it means last month of this year.
Every year, Every month, i have feel the time goes by very fast...
I think this is good thing.because the time was nice for me :)

So December started.. autumn ended and winter is here.
I will enjoy the winter decoration and made winter picture in SL and in RL.
and of course Christmas season too! I will enjoy and hope you enjoy like me!

Credit @ Dreamland Design in Perfect TEN December round (Open 1st to 15th)
DD Winter Wonderland Cuddle Bench
DD Hartford Autumn Tray
DD Snowy Pine Tree
DD Baretree With Flashing Lights
DD Hartford Fire Pit

Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture in Decorate November (HQ)
Wooden Sauna Cabin Dundalk (Adult) CHEZ MOI

Credit @  Dreamscapes Art Gallery
*Snowman* Bucket A
*Snowman* Stump A
*Georgia* Stump with lantern A
*Frost* Milk Can A
*Georgia* Crate Table B
*Georgia* Crate Table A
*Georgia* Stump with lantern B
*Sign* MENU
*Sign* PIE

building : GOOSE - Caledon Bar…



Dear reader. Hope your weekday was good! :)

Catwa released new Unisex head "Lilly"
still i dont get the "Unisex" meaning ... so it would can be make a male face too..
I will try later.

Then, this i wear new head Lilly and make a face with Essences new skin on Powder Pack November Edition.
Already started the pre-order Powder Pack Catwa December Edition.
Check out Powder Pack website :
Order in-world Order in-online

Skin : Essences Anais @ Powder Pack November Catwa
Eye applier : .euphoric ~Sophie Eyes Applier ~[Lelutka&Catwa] @ Cosmopolitan
Hair : Sintiklia - Hair Claire - Blondes
Head : CATWA HEAD Lilly
Body : Maitreya Lara

Hope you enjoy Catwa life!
Thanks for coming to my blog.